Friday, March 6, 2015

#365 - Warning

Don't overload the system.
Don't do too much at once.
Or you will scare mojo into dark corners again.
Take it easy.
Enjoy the journey.

The sun's shining, so that helps.
Batteries are charged. I went for one photo and marked some photo
Ops for the coming days.
It's a start.

#mojojourney #2

#365 - Mojo

I think I found you my friend. Where have you been hiding?
In a deep corner of my camera bag?
Afraid to come out and play?
Well, no more hiding, ok?

PS: The big Babe (aka my real camera will make an appearance from tomorrow on. The batteries needed charging :-) )

#Mojojourney #1

Friday, January 2, 2015

#365 - Buckwheat heat pillow

Made me a quick Buckwheatheat pillow, warm up inmicrowave, put on ouchie spot, enjoy, sigh!
Next one will be bigger and prettier ;-)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

#365 - Happy New Year

I am not big on resolutions. 
There are a few things this year onmy agenda though. 
We'll see hiw itgoes. 
What about you? Plans, resolutions? 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

#Gardening - Testing my options

The really good thing about the place we rented: It has a sun room.
So, lacking a green house or hot bed, I'll see if I can get stuff to grow in here. 

Some of the store bought plants are already   doing well, flowers as well as herbs. 

Today I planted quite a few heritage seeds from 'The Seed guy'
- Sweet Spanish Onions x 4
(green Onions would have been better, but I Don't have any)
-Bloomsdale Spinach x 4
- Scarlet Nantes Carrot x 3
- Red Cored Chanteney Carrot x 3
- Ruby red swiss chard x 2
- Morris heading Collards x 3
- Snowball Cauliflower x 4
- Arugula x 4
- Siberian Kale x 2
- Bok Choy Cabbage x 3

Those are planted in an egg carton, egg shells on bottom for nutrition, watered and seeds set with a giant tooth pick thingy, protected with an old water bottle
for what will hopefully give me some hit house effect.

Heritage seeds Planted in clay pots:
- Italian giant parsley x 10
- Parris Island Romaine lettuce x 10
- Leisure Coriander x 5

The clay pots are by the way sponsored by 'Canadian gardens'!
They took petty on me and gave me a bunch of Clay and plastic pots they didn't need to more,
when I went shopping there a short while back - Thanks guys!

Watered and covered with recycled plastic bags. 

Also planted:
2 x store bought organic garlic
6 x store bought lemon seeds

And also one of my store bought (non-organic) garlics has started sprouting last week