Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#Handmade - Shawlette Wellenreiter

Stitch pattern from ’1500 patterns’ - I am sure there’s already a shawlette out there, designed like this.
I just had this in my head & it needed to come out :-)

 Should I add some buttons? Should I write a pattern?

From Handmade

From Handmade

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

#Handmade - Banana bag

Made with 'Banana yarn' from Nepal - gift from a friend.
The yarn is made from the fibers of the Banana tree trunk.
The old parts of the tree trunk are peeled off, soaked and then worked into fiber.....or something like that :-)

The bag's small, but big enough for small projects or just 'stuff' :-)

From Handmade

From Handmade

From Handmade

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#Handmade - Coachella Top

Free pattern on Ravelry

Looks much better on me than on No-Boob Emma ;-)
From Handmade
CO 202st with 2.5mm needles….what a pain….!
I hope I don’t have a twist,…
Didn’t have a twist, but managed to get one in after the arms when joining everything.
I caught it in the third row, never knit stuff like this when tired.
I left it though and just knit straight over.
There’s a little bump, but I can live with that ;-)
That’s just me :P
From Handmade
I did up the number of st to 220, I hope it all works out. Trying it on with the cable needles is for some reason a pain itb this time.
At the next shaping part I reduced the st to 210.
And following the pattern from there.
I should have added another Inch, going on 23” instead 22” before knitting the last 6 rows.
The strap in the back could have been a bit longer too.
That’s what you get when you don’t do a gauge and just go ‘pi thumb’ ;-)
Funny, this yarn knits much more even in stockinette when knitting through the back loop.
From Handmade
Looks much better in real Life than here :) Odd angle, sigh!
From Handmade

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#Handmade - Meterzaehler 2014

07.01.2014 Moechtegern Boomslang  100g & 180m

17.01.2014 Twisted Boomslang          100g & 300m 

20.01.2014 The Blue Hole Bandana    100g & 230m 

21.01.2014 Origami Puschen 0.2        200g & 300m
22.01.2014 Origami Puschen 0.1        200g & 300m

23.01.2014 Nepalese Project bag       200g & 300m

08.03.2014 Koerbchen                         50g &  50m

18.03.2014 Meeressturm                    180g & 620m

21.03.2014 Spoke shawl jacket          400g & 1400m

27.03.2014 0815 Yoga socks               20g &   40m

17.04.2014 Wannabe Aran Sweater    400g & 900m

07.05.2014 Doppelt gemoppelt             50g & 190m

15.05.2014 KatyJubilee shawl               45g & 450m

21.05.2014 Coachella Top                   150g & 530m

23.05.2014 Flower Doily                       10g & 100m

25.05.2014 Wellenreiter                         25g & 100m 

03.06.2014 Heirlom Doily                      15g & 150m

04.06.2014 Iced Jacket                ( ~ ) 600g & 1200m

Total:                                                 2845g & 6140m

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#Kuwait - Otto in Salmiya

I'm opening up a collection of 'Otto' signs around the world.
I think, I still have one from Egypt somewhere :-)

From Kuwait 2013 / 14

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#Handmade - Sockalicious

Finally a pair finished again :-)
This one's for me.
I really dig the 2-socks at a time (toe-up) method.
They always fit and are comfy and I can knit until the yarn's finished, if I want to :-)
Plus, it takes only half the time as normal socks, no kidding.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014