Friday, July 31, 2015

#Histamine journey, Back to basics

After having had the glorious idea of sipping beer from hubby last week, three days in a row, without DAO support, I'm paying the price since Saturday.
My itchy friend is back, arms and legs. But it's only little itchy pimples, not the open sores from before.
Means, I didn't do a complete overload this time.

Time to feed myself the basics again, mainly veggies that are low Histamine and oats for the morning, some Ricotta and Blueberries in the afternoon.

Yes, you can call me idiot, but I DID enjoy the beer ;-)

Friday, March 27, 2015


An update on the tiny garden :-)

The tiny plants are seedlings, planted on or after the 16th of March:
Spinach, Radish, Salad, two tiny tomatoe and Cilantro plants, the Dill wants to come butisn't sure and to the left two Texas Bluebonnets are popping through. 

The salad in the back is still from the ones that survived my neglect in Dec/Jan 

I also succumbed and got onion plants, instead of trying to go by seed. 
Already harvested some of the greens for salad ;-)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

#365 - Warning

Don't overload the system.
Don't do too much at once.
Or you will scare mojo into dark corners again.
Take it easy.
Enjoy the journey.

The sun's shining, so that helps.
Batteries are charged. I went for one photo and marked some photo
Ops for the coming days.
It's a start.

#mojojourney #2

#365 - Mojo

I think I found you my friend. Where have you been hiding?
In a deep corner of my camera bag?
Afraid to come out and play?
Well, no more hiding, ok?

PS: The big Babe (aka my real camera will make an appearance from tomorrow on. The batteries needed charging :-) )

#Mojojourney #1

Friday, January 2, 2015

#365 - Buckwheat heat pillow

Made me a quick Buckwheatheat pillow, warm up inmicrowave, put on ouchie spot, enjoy, sigh!
Next one will be bigger and prettier ;-)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

#365 - Happy New Year

I am not big on resolutions. 
There are a few things this year onmy agenda though. 
We'll see hiw itgoes. 
What about you? Plans, resolutions?