Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mangaf Panorama

While waiting for auto-awesome and auto panorama to work for me on G+ (which it didn't), I figured I should check the net.
Found Hugin (link below) and tried it.
Worked like a charm ;-)

I took these a while back for an assignment I gave you folks & I never followed up on it myself. I did take the photos, but never put them together.
This is an auto stitch from my RAW files. I guess, I could do better, but for now that's just it ;-)

Click on photo to get to G+ page and zoom in with your mouse

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Monday, May 27, 2013

#Engrish - Sandwitches anyone?

Yummy Sand witches anyone? They are serviced as well ;-P

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#Kuwait - Fahaheel

From Kuwait 2013

Poor they might be...
....but most are happy in their own way.

The guy at the clothes stand took up the opportunity for some free advertisement ;-)

Danger alert

so after  a friend mentioned flickr yesterday, this morning I saw it trending on G+.
Since I am a curious cat, I went to check it out.
They are offering 1TB of free space for new and existing users.


I went to check it out.
Of course it took me forever to remember password and username,
but what really struck me as odd is, that you now can sign into your yahoo account 
(you need one to get a flickr account, haha) with your Google account.

From Kuwait

That's right.
Am I seeing things?
I think, it's already bad enough that FB gets auto access to your Google contacts, but why not handing everything over to the whole world?
Wonder how many folks just sign up to connect it all AND use their main email addy.

Anyhow, I DO like the idea of having 1TB over there.
Maybe I will actually post the occasional photo again :-)
Yeah, more sidetracking and procrastination, that's what I really need!

And I got a good laugh by email later that morning:
Thanks yahoo!

Hi Nicole,

We detected a login attempt with valid password to your Yahoo! account (nicolebphotos) from an unrecognized device on Tue, May 21, 2013 8:34 AM AST (Arabian). 

Location: Kuwait

Muah :-)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

#Kuwait - Doctors orders

Ready for tea break
From 365 - 2013
Doctors orders for our last Mentorship assignment were to go out and play.
Not necessarily photography wise, but have fun, nourish the inner child.

Exactly that was an issue for me these past few weeks. I don't know why. There were days when it worked, but mostly I just didn't feel like it.
Maybe because people here are not used to smiling foreigners with cameras in their hands. Crazy folks, those smiling people, you know.

Anyway, this morning after replying to Ron that things are still on the funky side I asked myself 'WtF'?! Yes, those words, booh on me ;-)
I grabbed the camera, said byebye to the irritated pooches and went out.
Only half an hour, but well worth it.
My mood is considerably better ;-)

Anyhow, this is what I came up with today.

Not my final post yet, even though I am late, but I want to follow up on an idea in my head and still have to put it together.

Hope you get some smiles out of the photos.
A Buddhist temple I hope,..?!
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Laundry day
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From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013
Drive through
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This one always makes me wonder,...
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From 365 - 2013
Shoes in twos are fascinating
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I love Typos
From 365 - 2013
I love Typos
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#Handmade - Home run / Bikini Top

A Bikini Top just for Fun and Giggles and for private balcony use :-)
The triangle pattern is from the ‘Häkel-Bibel” from Simply Häkeln. 

From Handmade

Bikini Top aus Spass an der Freud zum Privatgebrauch auf Balkonien.
Das Dreiecks-Grundmuster (Popcorn Triangle ohne Üopcorn) ist aus dem Sonderheft ‘Häkel-Bibel’ von Simply Häkeln.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Handmade - Fitted Tank Top

From Handmade
First off: I love the yarn and the feel of it.
I love the Tank Top too.
It just doesn’t fit me.
I’ll just have to make another one in the biggest option available and longer, since the Acrylic yarn doesn’t hang itself out ( Not sure what the correct term in English is).
I will def. give this a second try and hopefully can give this Top a new home with one of my (skinnier) friends :-)
I find the pattern description a bit confusing at some parts, but that is probably just me.
I personally also don’t like the decrease at the armpits. I tried various decrease methods to avoid the little ‘triangles’ sticking out.
Checking out the finished projects, I am starting to think, that ribbed patterns are maybe not going well for people with bigger Boobs.
Dangit, I love this Top!

Free Pattern by Shiri Mor: Fitted Tank Top

From Handmade

From Handmade

#Handmade - Top with lace pattern in ”Paris”

Pattern Origin by Drops DesignTop with lace pattern in ”Paris”

From Handmade


Warum Acryl: Dies ist ein Übungsstück :-)
Nach M1 auf NS 4.5 und eine längere Schnur gewechselt, über die nächsten Wiederholungen von M2 insgesamt 60m hinzugefügt.
Die ersten Fotos sind nur Dokumentation meiner Dummheit. Hatte einen Dreher im Gestricksel und hab’s via eine art steeking (keine Ahung, wie das auf deutsch heisst) repariert.
Bei M2 bei jeder wiederholung einen Markierer gesetzt, damit ich nicht ständig zählen muss, ob alles richtig ist.
Rücken und 2 Vorderteile auf selber Nadel gelassen und mit 3 Fäden gestrickt (das mit dem zählen klappt bei mir nie)
Zusammengestrickt habe ich die Schultern mit einer dritten Nadel und dann direkt 2 Maschen per Überzug abgekettet (auf der linken Seite des strickstücks). Es ist bei den ersten Maschen etwas umständlich, lohnt sich aber!
Das Teil ist Klasse und wird be stimmt nochmal gestrickt, diesmal vielleicht ohne Fehler!

From Handmade

Why Acrylic: This us just a trial and error subject for me to get the feel for making garments :-)
Switched to NS 4.5 and a longer cable after M1, added over the next 3 M2 repeats 60st (beginning with 200).
The First photos are just a documentation of my own stupidity. I had a twist in my stitches, but didn’t realize it. I fixed it via some sort if steeking.
Set stitch marker at M2 for every pattern repeat, so I don’t have to count every time if I haven’t screwed up.
Knitting back and two front pieces on the same needle with 3 threads, since I can never keep up even row count otherwise.
I’ve knitted the piece together at the shoulders, using a third needle and cast off via slip stitch right along (doing this on the wrong side of the garment)
it’s a pain for the first few stitches, but gets easier then.
I love the piece and will do it again, that time maybe without mistakes ;-)
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From Handmade
From Handmade
From Handmade
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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I tried to get a Backpack like this while in Germany. Delivery failed (I got my money back), but I was still without one for traveling. 
Laptop fits, camera stuff fits and all that for much less & 'it's as sturdy :-)

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