Sunday, November 24, 2013

#Handmade - Schluffen aka comfy House shoes

I needed something to wear besides / over my socks. The floor is cold and the socks only start feeling wet after a while, so wearing these on top = comfy feet :-)

I made them a bit too big at the toes, haven't done them in a while :-)

I've used sock yarn and acrylic. Acrylic alone would result into holes at the heels and bottom really fast.
In a mix it usually is more durable. We shall see :-)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

#Handmade - Craft Meet

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon again with my fellow Crafters.
We went to a cafe in Quarain and had two new Ladies to welcome aboard :-)

From 365 - 2013

The day was spent mostly chatting (on my part) and that is perfectly fine.
Don't get to do that much ;-)

From 365 - 2013

Hope we can meet again next week, before everyone disappears into their respective holiday directions.

We also learned yesterday - thanks to Jamie - that there’s a ‘new’ yarn shop in town.
‘Needles & Yarn’

We went by to see if we can find the place, it’s in Hawali, opposite Al-Othman center, near a Juice shop. Sadly (thank goodness... :-) ) it was a Friday, the only day they are closed.

From 365 - 2013

Here’s a link to their location on google maps and here is their Facebook page,
Instagram (Instagram seems to be the place where they post most updates) and their website.

Here’s also a link to an Interview with the owner on jessyz’s Blog.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#Handmade - Fat Quarter Gypsy Bag

I think, I can open a bag and shawl store soon,...

Ich glaube, ich kann bald einen Taschen - und Schalladen aufmachen ;-)

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Making the bag was a lot of fun. Minus the handles. I got the hang of it doing the second one though :-)

Die Tasche ha, bis auf die Henkel sehr viel Spass gemacht. Die Henkel waren auch ok, nur hab ich mich beim ersten etwas dumm angestellt. Der zweite ging schneller ;-)

From Handmade

The Quarter are no squares, they were rectangles, and all uneven from their seize, but it worked in the end.
I also didn't use ling, instead I did a double rectangle of green and brown.

Die 'Quater' waren auch keine Quadrate, sondern Rechtecke und nicht gleich gross. Aber es geht alles ;-) Innenfutter habe ich auch keins, dafuer habe ich je eine Lage braun und gruen zu einem Rechteck zusammengenaeht.

From Handmade

Fascinating, considering that this was my bag ;-)
Recht faszinierend, wenn ich bedenke, dass das hier

From Handmade

meine Taschen ist ;-)

Free pattern can be found here / Kostenloses Muster auf Englisch

#Handmade - Twin brothers

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Some hubby socks with my feet :-)

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From Handmade

#Handmade - Grrlfriend market bag

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Did a smaller version than in the pattern suggested (free on Ravelry), 
19st per ndl 
Could have used it as a hat too ;-)

Monday, November 18, 2013

#Kuwait - Rock no more

The rocks are now piled up besides the sand
From Kuwait 2013

I am not entirely sure, what those people are doing down at the beach this time. Since yesterday they are carting sand and rocks from left to right. As far as I can tell from here, there are no more rocks left on the (my) left side of the beach.
Update Nov 23rd: The tide has taken the rocks back into the ocean and you can only see them at very low tide. Still need to go down and take photos.

From Kuwait
Not sure, if they want to make this a sweet nice sandy beach for the new resort that they are building at the 'Amir's place' (or whatever the heck that will be, when finished).

View 2008, high tide and the fence bordering the Amir's palace
From Kuwait

View February 2013, low tide - now, November: no more rocks (need to take new photos)
The old pier and fence of the Amir palace in 2010
From Kuwait

Part of the old fence and the dogs having fun
From The kids

There was already no more sea glass after they removed the pier and all the other things which blocked the original tide line.

Due to the rocks missing, I didn't sea any sea urchins this year.
From Kuwait
And if they remove all the rocks, all the snails (or whatever their correct name is) will be gone too.
With it, the few birdy migrants that still come here will have nothing to snack on, but the trash that floats in or that people leave behind. And there's enough of that.

From Kuwait 2013

Oh well, humans and their grand plans at work, again.

From Birds Kuwait 2010

Old rocks 2007
From Kuwait