Sunday, March 31, 2013

#Finger on the Trigger

Happy construction

I finally went out to play yesterday. Adding some shots to my #fingeronthetrigger collection.
No people got harmed during the shooting

These guys had a blast while unloading their stuff. I went by, shooting from the hip. I found their clothing very fascinating, wonder where they come from.
The guy on top flashed me a big smile and I would have loved to take his Portrait.
But me being a woman, that would send out all the wrong signals.


Saturday, March 30, 2013


(Waegwan, Korea 2005)

This morning by email, Cheers! :-)

First date conversation

> > Lady: Do you drink?
> >
> > Man: Yes
> >
> > Lady: How much a day?
> >
> > Man: 3 six packs
> >
> > Lady: How much per six pack
> >
> > Man: about $10.00
> >
> > Lady: And how long have you been drinking?
> >
> > Man: 15 years
> >
> > Lady: So 1 six pack cost $10.00 and you have 3 six packs a day which
> > puts your spending each month at $900. In one year, it would be
> > $10,800 correct?
> >
> > Man: Correct
> >
> > Lady: If in 1 year you spend $10,800 not accounting for inflation, the
> > past 15 years puts your spending at $162,000 correct?
> >
> > Man: Correct
> >
> > Lady: Do you know that if you hadn't drank, that money could have been
> > put in a step-up interest savings account and after accounting for
> > compound interest for the past 15 years, you could have now bought a
> > Ferrari?
> >
> > Man: Do you drink?
> >
> > Lady: No
> >
> > Man: Where's your f***ing Ferrari?

Friday, March 29, 2013

#365 - Philadelphia Brownies

Das Foto sieht leider nicht nach viel aus.
Aber das Rezept ist saulecker und supereinfach.

Ich habe mal wieder die Menge halbiert, nur war meine Form leider zu gross ;-)

125 gSchokolade (Milka zartherb, 50 % Kakao)
125 gButter
150 gZucker, braun
75 gMehl
250 gFrischkäse (Philadelphia Balance)
50 gZucker
1 Pck.Vanillezucker


Den Backofen auf 180°C (Umluft) vorheizen. Schokolade und Butter im Wasserbad schmelzen, dabei mehrmals umrühren.

In einer Schüssel den braunen Zucker und zwei Eier mit dem elektrischen Handrührgerät schaumig schlagen, die geschmolzene Schokoladenmasse dazugeben, anschließend mit dem Mehl verrühren.

Frischkäse, Zucker, Vanillezucker und ein Ei in einer zweiten Schüssel verrühren. Die Schokoladenmasse in eine Form (ca 23 x 23 cm oder 26 cm Durchmesser) geben, die Frischkäsemasse darauf verteilen und mit einer Gabel marmorieren. 

Die Brownies ca. 35 Minuten backen. In Stücke schneiden oder als Kuchen anrichten. 

Rezept via

#365 - Apfelkuchen

Rezeptmenge halbiert & Aepfel kleingeschnitten und unter den Teig gehoben.
Sehr lecker!


4 Ei(er)
250 g Zucker
125 g Butter
100 ml Milch
300 g Mehl
3 TL Backpulver
5 m.-große Äpfel
Zimt zum Bestreuen
Zucker zum Bestreuen
evtl. Mandel(n) zum Bestreuen

Eier und Zucker schaumig schlagen. Butter und Milch zum Kochen bringen und heiß zu der Eier-Zucker-Masse geben. Mehl und Backpulver unterheben. Blech mit Backpapier auslegen und den Teig einfüllen.
Äpfel in Spalten schneiden und den Teig damit belegen.

Backzeit: 25 - 30 Min. bei ca. 200° C

Nach dem Erkalten mit Zimt-Zucker oder Mandeln bestreuen.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#Kuwait / Mangaf sunrise

Uninspired and dragging my feet.
That's me at the moment.
Not sure why and not sure how to get out of the rud.
I will. Eventually :-)

Have a great day everyone!

#Kuwait / Mangaf

Yesterday in Mangaf. It looked scary, but they extinguished it fast.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#Kuwait / #Korea - Quotes of Life

From Korea

Quote one of the (so called) guards at our ap. complex this morning:
Oh, you look better in long pants, half pants make you look much older!

Well, Ladies, now we know.
Thank goodness!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barefoot sandal, English pattern

From Handmade

Also called 'Sand Sandals', 'Water Sandals' or 'Slave Sandals'

I've searched ravelry for a pattern, but the only one I could find was this one here.
It was not what I had in mind, so I came up with my own idea.

I used Pearl yarn (Lace weight yarn?) and Needle size 1.5(US) / 2.5mm
(I think, it would work with sock yarn too, maybe you need to adjust the cast on a bit,
less stitches with thicker yarn)

15.03.2013  -  Added another (nicer?) start:

Cast on the necessary stitches on 1 two pointed needle
(The necessary stitches depend on how you want to close the sandal around your ankle. I love the metal clasps with easy opening and closing. If you don't have those, cast on more stitches to tie a knot or even longer to wrap it up around your leg and then tie a knot at your calf)
1Row K2, P2, turn
1Row Knit, turn
1Row K2, yo, K2tog (this would be a good place to add your Bling at the yo), turn
1Row knit, turn
Cast off / Bind off a quarter of the stitches on one side, finish the row knitting, turn
Cast off / Bind off a Quarter of the stitches, finish the row

Start the pattern

Purl1, Knit together 2nd and 3rd stitch, purl, 3stitches before end of the row: Purl 1, lift stitch back to left needle, slip 2nd last stitch over it and slip stitch back to right needle, Purl last stitch
1Row K3 *yo, K2tog*, repeat pattern until 3st remain
Knit an I-Cord until you reach the toes,
keep working I-Cord until you can make a loop around your toe,
cast off / bind off and sow it the end to the i-cord to form a loop
Weave in the ends,
finished :-)

I put some Clips and a clasp to the two ends, you should be able to get them in any handicraft store.

This makes for much easier putting on / taking off (and looks nicer?)

From Handmade

Old pattern / first try:

Cast on 48St

distribute to 4 double pointed needles
Knit 2Rnd
1 Rnd *K2, yo, K2tog* (in this round you can add Bling where you make the Yarnover)
Knit 2Rnd
Cast off / Bind off half the stitches, leave the rest on 1 needle
1 Rnd *K2, yo, K2tog*

(Pattern start)

Purl 1 Rnd (K2tog 2nd and 3rd st & 3st before end of the row: Purl 1, lift stitch back to left needle, slip 2nd last stitch over it and slip stitch back to right needle, Purl last stitch)
1Rnd K3 *yo, K2tog*
Knit in pattern until 3st remain
Stockinette stitch or knit an I-Cord until you reach the toes,
measure in between,
keep working Stockinette stitch or I-Cord until you can make a loop around your toe, fasten with 3 stitches to the main cord (or Cast off and sow it on), Weave in the ends, finished :-)

My shoe size is a European 39. Increase or decrease the cast on a bit, depending on size and yarn used.

German translation 

Copyright information:
Feel free to use this pattern for making products for sale or edit the pattern in any way you like.
A link back to me would be highly appreciated, but is no must.
Have fun :-)

#Germany - Silbersand bei Mayen

From Germany
I remember driving by this house with my Mom on my way to or back from my Grandmoms.
There's two houses in this valley and one bus station.
I wondered what it would be like, living here out in this remote area.
I would have loved it. Being in the woods, playing in the river.
At those days you could ride your bike from Mayen to Rieden as a child without too much worry.
Of course you had idiots on the roads then too, but today I wouldn't advise that any more.
One house is still inhabited, the other one was crumbling and succumbing to Mother Nature then already.
Not much left today.
Just memories.

From Germany
From Germany
From Germany
From Germany

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#Germany - Kletterwald bei Mayen

I should have edited these photos a long time ago.
We were on a day out, my best friend and her two nieces.
For one reason or another I just didn't feel like dealing with the photos.
Well, time to get to work,...

From Germany

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weste / Sleeveless jacket

From Handmade

Das Zopfmuster in der Mitte ist aus dem MonTricot Buch ’1500 patterns’, der Rest ist nach meinem eigenen Gusto gestaltet.
Das Teil ist in einem Rutsch gestrickt, habe nur vergessen, an den Armen abzunehmen und ueber der Brust wieder irgendwann zu.
Das Teil ist jedenfalls saubequem und kuschelig.

The main cable pattern in the center is from a MonTricot book called ’1500 patterns’ (German).
The jacket is a bit shorter than I usually would make it, but actually I like it that way (really!)
I have, of course, 2&1/2 balls of yarn left ;-)
The pattern in the middle is from a MonTricot book of patterns, the rest is just after my own liking.
I screwed up the armpits (they are straight, no decreases, dooh) and the whole thing is made from one piece.

From Handmade
From Handmade

#Korea - Daegu

Shopping in Daegu, 2006

From Korea

Barefoot beach sandals / Barfuss Sandalen

One more as a gift for a friend - custom order :-)

Noch eins fuer eine Freundin.
Spezialbestellung :-)

From Handmade

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#Korea, Palgongsan

Two monks,  Palgongsan , Korea 2006

Palgong mountain @ wiki

From Korea

#Kuwait - Sunshade :-)

Homemade sunshade. 
Not perfect, but for now it does the trick. 

And while Jojo and I are searching for shade, the King enjoys the sun. 
How's that for weird?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Barefoot beach sandals / Barfuss Sandalen

Einige details veraendert, das Hauptmuster ist jedoch dasselbe:
Maschen angeschlagen, allerdings auf 1 Nadel auf 1 Nadel weiterstricken, nicht zu Runden schliessen (oder Ihr macht eine lange i-cord, mind. so lang, dass ihr sie um das Fussgelenk mit einer Schlaufe schliessen koennt, in der Mitte strickt ihr die benoetigten Maschen raus, ich wuerde sagen fuer Erwachsene mind. 25, aber das koennt ihr einfach selbst sehen, sobald ihr es an den Fuss haltet)
1 R   2r, 2li 
1 R   r
1 R   2r, U, 2rzus
1 R   r
1 viertel der Maschen abketten, Reihe zu Ende stricken
Wieder 1 viertel der M abk, R zu Ende stricken
weiter im Muster
Die offenen Enden habe ich mit Schmuckklammern (Bastelladen) und einer Oese versehen.
Das sollte das an- und ausziehen erleichtern.
Laenge vom Zehenband auf kleineren Fuss abgeaendert.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Knitting news

new in Kuwait, featuring 'Not without my Salad bowl!'

Just dropped a ball of yarn off the balcony, jumpy little things. 
Luckily it teetered on the edge of one of the most cluttered balconies in the complex and not go hide in the clutter. 
I managed to coax it into jumping off the edge and rolled it back up without tangling it anywhere. 
Learned my lesson here. Can't afford to loose any if that yarn. Might not have enough for the project anyway :-(

From Handmade

Monday, March 11, 2013

Muster, gestrickte Barfuss Sandale

From Handmade
Does anyone know the name for these?
Edit: The names often seem to be used are: 'Sand' 'Beach' or 'Water' Sandals
Found the idea on flickr and only one pattern on ravelry. But that didn't fit the idea that was in my head.
I made up my own.

English pattern available here

From Handmade

Kennt jemand den Namen fuer so ein Teil.
Die Namen, die im englischen anscheinend oft benutzt werden, sind: 'Sand' 'Strand' oder 'Wasser' Sandalen
Inspiration hierfuer kam von ein paar Fotos auf Flickr, bei ravelry nach einem pattern gesucht.
Nur eins gefunden, dass aber nicht  meiner Idee entsprach (link hier).
Also selbst drauf los gestrickt.
Mit sehr duennem, nicht elastischen Baumwoll(?)garn und Nadelstk 2.5


48M anschlagen
auf 4 N verteilen
2Rd r
1 Rd *2r, U, 2r zus*
2Rd r
Haelfte der M abketten, M auf 1 Nadel lassen
1R *2r, U, 2r zus*
1R li (dabei 2te u 3teM zus & 3M vor Reihenende 1M li, wieder auf li N, vorletzte M ueberziehen und auf r N heben, letzte M li)
1R 3r *U, 2r zus, 2r*
Jetzt bis 3M vor Ende weiter im Muster
Die 3 uebrigen M glatt r stricken bis zu den Zehen
zwischendurch abmessen
Weiter glatt r bis Schnur um den Zeh geht, so dass eine Art Schlaufe entsteht, mit 3 Randm zusammenstricken (oder abketten und festnaehen), Faeden vernaehen, fertig :-)

Es koennen auch Perlen oder was auch immer mit eingestrickt werden.
Am besten dafuer die Umschlagmaschen verwenden

Meine Schuhgroesse ist 39. Beim ersten Mal drueber ziehen, war's etwas eng, aber danach ging's einfach.

15.03.2013  -  Kleine Aenderung / Vereinfachung

From Handmade

Copyright information:
Ihr koennt diese Sandalen gerne fuer den Verkauf produzieren, oder das Muster nach Eurem Gutduenken veraendern.
Ein link zu mir waere nett, ist aber nicht Bedingung :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short colour project - last day

I didn't get any shots of what was in my mind, to show you a but of #kuwait
Oh we'll. :-)

This one's from the backside of a small Restaurant, catering to the many Asians around here. 

(and yes, another one from the phone, today it was too dusty)

Have a great day everyone!

From 3/7/13

#Kuwait - Frosty

I didn't think that 8c would seem that cold to me after a winter in Germany. 
Must be the wind from the ocean. 

It's an enjoyable morning though. The noise Level is fairly low. 
The street cleaners, emptying their machines (to the far right) must be running late. 
And the construction workers seem to be off on a late start too. 

Wishing you all a great day / night

From 3/6/13

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Short colour project


This is the closest I could get today without giving you more knitting stuff ;-)
And yes, another phone snap, I am way past lazy... :-/

From 3/6/13

Such winners...

From 3/6/13


Someone passed a yarn shop. 
It wasn't my fault , I swear. 
Hubby sent me to the bank. 
It's his fault. Honest!

From Handmade

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Short colour project

Missed my 'colorful March' post yesterday (I've just figured that this goes only the first week, dooh, darn sun!) so today I take the Liberty of posting blue and green together . Hope that won't get me banned :-)

This is what many of the oh so beautiful apartment around here look like. 
(no claim for art here, just a time pressed phone snap :-))

From 3/5/13


Just one more square...
My Mom gave me the squares, she made them from Leftover sock yarn. She tried to crochet them together, but didn't like the outcome. I am not so picky :-)
Over time i will add more squares to make it a real big blanky :-)

What are you up to?

From Handmade

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Short colour project - Yellow

Today's colour: Yellow for +Susan Porter 's Colourful March :-) I was going to shoot something different, but gotta postpone it to nect week. Since Susan has the food theme going on and I needed some photos for my mentorship program, this will be my yellow for this week ;-) Have a great Sunday everyone! Surrendering the Internets back to my hubby - see you, well, whenever I get it back from him ;-)

From G+ Advanced Mentorship for Photographers - Playbox

Saturday, March 2, 2013

#365 / Kuwait - An old Bmer

If I got wiki right then this is either a Non-US Model, built 1975
or a US Model, built somewhere between 1979-1981
Poor Babe needs some maintenance though.

From 365 - 2013

Apple pie / Apfelkuchen

I had not enough dough for one of the baking dishes I had, so I figured, it might as well work in Cups - Cupcakes must have gotten their name somehow, right?

Fuer die Backform die ich habe, hatte ich nicht genug Teig,m also dachte ich mir, dass 'Cupcakes' Ihren Namen ja irgendwo her haben muessen ;-)
Das Rezept gibt es   > hier <

Fuer die 4 Tassen habe ich die Haelfte der Mengeangaben genommen und nur 2 Aepfel.
Zimt und Vanille hatte ich auch keine, war aber auch so suess genug :-) Das Ganze ist Ruckzuck gemacht, Tassen einfetten nicht vergessen!

From 365 - 2013

#Germany / Mayen, Kuhdrift

From Germany

Cozy jacket / Kuscheljacke

This jacket I finished also the day before getting to Kuwait. 
My Mom called me nuts for bringing such a warm jacket. 
I can keep telling her that winters & springs are quite fresh and the AC in summer kicks butt, but that argument is pointless ;-) 
I carried it on the plane, so it wouldn’t take up too much room in my suitcase :-D

Yes, the arms are too long. But better than too short, next time I know how it works ;-)!


Ja, die Arme sind zu lang. Ich weiss,….
Macht aber nix. Besser als zu kurz und beim naechsten Mal weiss ich, wie’s geht ;-)! 

From Handmade
From Handmade
From Handmade