Monday, March 31, 2014

#365 - Day 1 of a few days of Detox

Prepping my body for a few days of juice detox (why juicing? check here :) Need a plan to go by, voila)

Breakfast: (Out of habit, sigh - from tomorrow on a no-go) 1.5 cup black coffee, 1 large Smoothie cup (1 Banana, 1 apple, 1 Kiwi and a few Oats - those will be left out from tomorrow on) - added some water to get it blended

In between: Lemon juice water (here's some Info on that - you need to scroll a bit), an Avocado (also not from tomorrow on), water - lots of it

From 365 - 2014

Lunch: Cucumber juice (was planning on tomato juice but my cucumbers got a frozen behind from being stuffed to close to the fridge wall, sigh)
Later in the afternoon Tomato juice (4 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 3 pieces of Ginger. Note to self, 2 pieces are sufficient, uff!)

From 365 - 2014

Evening: Hibiscus tea

Got more veggies and fruits this morning, one big haul from last week is already almost gone.

From 365 - 2014

I know, loads of plastic :-(
I will check out the open market on my next haul and see how the prices are there
and use my reusable bags there. At least it all went into reusable bags and not another load of 
plastic bags which they love to drown you with.
The cost of this haul was around $35 that is minus the Bee pollen and the Hibiscus.

And this 15-minute morning yoga practice will be my routine for the week :-)

6pm over here now, I have some cravings for bread or could have inhaled the rice, but otherwise I am fine.
I didn't take a nap, instead walked the dogs a bit more and did the 15min Yoga Video.
Overall not much, but more than I have been doing.
I could go right to bed now though :D
But I have some more knitting to do :-)

#Handmade - DIY stuff with garlic

The other day I had to make use of a bunch of garlic and came upon a recipe for garlic paste.
You can adjust the amount to your liking, I used about 5 pieces of garlic and had only Cilantro, but it worked.

500g garlic
100g parsley
100g chives
100g sea salt

peel garlic, wash the herbs, let them dry a bit
put all together in mixer, fill in clean jars and keep in a dry, cool, dark place (mine's in the fridge)
But if you have a pantry that fits the above, will work as well.
Paste lasts for approx. a year

From Handmade

(Knoblauchpaste Rezept auf Deutsch)

What I used it for

Garlic butter
Just add the paste to some butter and mix well

From Handmade

For spicing Veggies

For homemade salad dressing

Just use half a tsp of the paste, add about 6 tbsp of water, apple cider vinegar and about 4 tbsp of olive oil,
salt and pepper - adjust to your liking.

A healthy alternative to the ready made bags. Just check the ingredient list of the bags:
Sugar, Flavor enhancer, Lactose, potato starch, palm oil, more cheat flavours, ...

From Handmade

One tip of mine for your general health benefit: READ FOOD LABELS

#365 - Hearty Vitamins

From 365 - 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

#365 - Butterfly pit stop

When I saw all the butterflies sucking on my Burlap bags this morning (don't know why they love them)

From 365 - 2014

I remembered something from a butterfly garden near my home town.
And started a little butterfly pit stop :-)
They seem to love it.

From 365 - 2014

Also, my 'garden' without the cover, more to come ;-)

From 365 - 2014

And an experiment with the bottom of an onion - roots in water,
3 -5 days later, green sprouting from the top.
Now, I only got to get this stuff into some ground, lazy me ;-)

From 365 - 2014

Happy gardening ;-)!

Friday, March 28, 2014

#Handmade - Detox Juice and Face mask

Two quick and easy things I made today.

Lemon Juice freshly pressed with some water.
Helps to detox your body - more Info here.

I'll do a longer 'real' detox some time next week for a few days.
At least I hope I can manage a few days :)

From Handmade

And a face scrub, using up the last bits of sugar that are left in the cupboard
(banned from the kitchen for food since a few weeks) and some fresh pressed lemons.
Rise and shine :-)

From Handmade

#365 - My garden

The garden is growing, but needs serious protection from early morning on.
It's freakin' baking out there!

Also got more plant earth, recycled some seeds, hoping that they might grow into
something edible, worth a try ;-)
Also salvaged big and small flower pots, discarded by whomever.
Oh, that thing in the front is a discarded car sun screen. Have two of those by now.
One for the plants and one for me :)
And the shelf is a discarded pallet from one of the construction sites :)

From 365 - 2014

#Handmade - 0815 Yoga socks

Finished some quick Yoga socks, each one took about max. 3hrs.
Now, only Yoga is missing ;-)
I don't know why I absolutely wanted socks like this.
They were itching me to make them since a while
 and yesterday I decided to use the thick Leftover yarn for it.
Not perfect, but comfy

From Handmade

Sunday, March 23, 2014

#Handmade - Homemade mustard

My first homemade mustard! HOT!

I only had one kind of seeds available here (very dark ones), my suspicion is that they
were a wee bit old too. Liquid didn't get absorbed all the way and I had trouble
blending them. Sadly, I already discarded the access liquid and had to supplement with some water
and apple cider vinegar to get it ground into a paste.

But I LOVE it and the next batch will go into the works soon :-)

Here's the recipe - easy peasy!

From 365 - 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#365 - Giant Nutella

Had to take a pic of this for my Mom :-)
Comes at a bargain price of KD 18,- ($ 63,- / EUR 45,-)

From 365 - 2014

#365 - Happy

Not staged, she ran for the ball and came back decorated :-)
From The kids

Friday, March 14, 2014

#365 - My balcony

My balcony as of March 13th. Got me a new 'shelf'. The plant in front and on top in the back are trash rescues.My big Aloe is hiding. The burlap bag I use for sun cover. Sun's already brutal. Not sure how long I'll be able to have them outside. All my pots are trash rescues too :)

From 365 - 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

#Handmade - Korb

Made a little basket for either projects or Leftover yarns (or anything else),
out of Sisal / packaging thread.
A bit tough to work with at the beginning and rough on your hands, but after a while it gets easier.

If you need a 'How to', drop me a note.

From Handmade

Sunday, March 2, 2014

#Recipes - Yeast free bread

Quick, easy and yummy!

Here's the link to the English / Original recipe

I only used 3 Teaspoons of Baking powder
I also used Buttermilk instead of milk powder, butter instead of whatever oil they used
and whole wheat flower.

Tip: To form the dough, grease your hands with olive oil, that will work like a charm.

From Handmade


Brot ohne Hefe

Schnell, einfach und sehr lecker!

3 Tassen Mehl Eurer Wahl - bei mir war's Vollkornmehl (umrechnen muesst ihr das leider selber - zB: Hier)
4 Teeloeffel Backpulver (ich bin einem Tip gefolgt und habe nur 3 genommen)
1.5 Tassen Reismilch (oder egal welche andre Fluessigkeit, Wasser geht auch - ich habe Buttermilch genommen)
1/4 cup of liquid fat (ich habe geschmolzene Butter genommen, es geht jedoch auch jedwedes Oel)

Trockene und fluessige Zutaten getrennt mischen
Mehl langsam zu dem fluessigen geben und kneten
Der Teig muss nicht wie ein Hefeteig ewig geknetet werden - wenn alles Mehrl verarbeitet ist, reicht das. Falls Euch der teig zu mtaschig vorkommt, ein bisschen stehen lassen und Fluessigkeit 'ins Mehl' ziehen lassen.
Blech und Haende mit Olivenoel einschmieren (oder einem andren Fett). Das macht es einfacher, den Teig
in Form zu bringen.
Mit einem X in der Mitte den Teig leicht einritzen (Messer dafuer etwas mit Mehl oder Olivenoel versehen hilft)
40Min bei 400F (ich hab 200C genommen - vielleicht besser mal nachgucken) in den vorgeheizten Ofen.
Zahnstochertest funktioniert hier prima!

Guten Hunger :-)
Das Brot schmeckt natuerlich anders als Hefebrot und ist von der Konsistenz her auch anders.
Also nicht ueberrascht sein - ich fand's jedenfalls lecker :-)

#Recipe - Homemade Hummus

So easy, quick and yummy!

From Handmade

I don't know where I found the original recipe,
but here you go:

1 cup boiled chick peas (I use a can and the water, boil it and dump the whole thing in the Blender)
4 Tablespoons Tahina paste
2 medium green Chilis (the recipe says large, but I'm fine with this heat ;-) )
3 garlic gloves
2-3 Table spoons of Olive oil (I use 3)
1-2 Tablespoons of Lemon juice
throw it all in your Blender
sprinkle salt and pepper over the top, you can always add more later,
but that's usually enough for me
Blend it, taste it and add more of whichever ingredient you think is missing - Enjoy!

Wenn jemand eine Deutsche Uebersetzung moechte, einfach laut hier rufen :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

#365 - What a great morning

Knitting at the beach cafe in Fahaheel with a friend.
Gorgeous weather and fresh air.
What more could one want?

From Kuwait 2013 / 14

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