Saturday, June 29, 2013

#Handmade, First Pillow Case

From Handmade

After figuring out in which direction the machine sows, it's working nicely.
With some Hickups of course.
I am working on a short dress and had most of it sowed by hand already. The last seams were done by machine and I tried to make a button hole. Managed to sow the fabric to the machine ;-)
And I took the machine apart halfway for the second button hole I tried. Managed to forget to put the foot down and tangled the thread around the Bobbin so the needle wouldn't move one single bit. Oh well.
Live and learn.

Did this pillow case from a tiny blanky that was wrapped around a pillow. Now it is a 'real' pillow case.
Took me less than an hour, WITH sowing in the loose ends
Once I figure out the button hole mystery, it will get some buttons as well :-)

From Handmade

Sunday, June 23, 2013

#Handmade, Dragon fire Project bag

Will add a lining and then I finally have a project bag :-) 
Birthed during season 2 of ‘Game of Thrones’ :-)

From Handmade
From Handmade
From Handmade

#Handmade, Winterfell pouch

Hauptmuster: versetzte Reliefstäbchen aus der Häkelbibel 

From Handmade

Made this pouch so I can easily carry my passport and phone with me when walking the dogs, due to recent police checks. I will add a lining and zipper at a later time, I think.
Named ‘Winterfell Pouch’, because it was made while watching the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’ :-)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muster, Baby Socken

From Handmade

From Handmade

36M anschlagen 
18R Rippenmuster (2li, 2r)
3R glatt r 
1R li 
1R 1U2rZus 
1R li 
2R r 
Bumerangferse a la elizza (1 & 2
Nach dem 1ten Teil der Ferse, bei den Runden, die 1te Reihe Lochmuster (1U2rzus), 2te R jeweils glatt r 
Vorderteil: 1R versetztes Lochmuster (1U2rzus) (wie es grade passt), 2R glatt r, etc. 
ca. 18R 
Ab ca. R 13 M in jeder Reihe abn. 
Gedrehte Schnur durch das Lochmuster am Schaft, 
Faeden vernaehen 

Verwendete Wolle: nomotta micro bamboo von Schchenmeyer
NS: 3.5

Fragen? Fragt :-)

English version

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern, Baby socks

The first part of two pairs of Baby socks for a friends' wife, expecting Twins some time in August.
My first time knitting with Bamboo, loved it!

From Handmade
From Handmade

Pithy directions

36st cast on 
18rows ribbing (2p/2r) 
3rows stockinette 
1row purl 
1row 1yok2
1row purl 
2rows stockinette
Now start Boomerang heel (JoJo heel) or your favorite heel (if you do so, ignore the next instruction and go on with the 'front part' instructions after finishing the heel)
After the first part of the heel is done, when you work the two rounds, knit the first row in Lace stitch pattern (1yoK2tog), 2nd row in stockinette.

Front part: 1 row Lace pattern (1yoK2tog fit them in between the spaces of your first row with the pattern), 2rows stockinette, 1 row Lace, 2 rows stockinette,... 

For example: in the first Lace row, while knitting the heel) you went: K2 yok2tog k2 yok2tog (8stitches) K2 yok2tog k2 yok2tog (16 stitches altogether)
the second row you start: K1 yok2tog k2 yok2tog ,.... so they are placed in between the first yarn overs and a pattern appears.
Don't fret if it doesn't fit perfectly or if you maybe once have to add a stitch so the pattern fits. You won't see that in the end.

Altogether approx. 18rows

Your decrease starts at row 13, one stitch in every row 

Twist a cord and fit it through your first row of yok2togs, 
sow in the seams


German version

Saturday, June 15, 2013

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#Hungary - Branched out

From Hungary

Hungary  2008

Yummy, Mice!

The Dachsen on the prowl,... :-)
From The kids
Hungary December 2008

#Hungary - Balaton airport, Hungary 2008

Balaton airport, Hungary 2008

While being at that tiny airport the first time around, I saw old, abandoned structures.
So, when picking up my hubby again, I went there a few hours early to photograph some of them.
It was fairly creepy to say the least and I have no clue what they were once used for.
Old military facilities, maybe (edit: Just looked it up, it was built as  a military airport in 1940, no idea yet what the use after that was)
I yet have to edit most of the photos, so more to come at one point in time ;-)

From Decay all over
From Decay all over

Thursday, June 6, 2013

#365 / Kuwait - A dusty week

From 365 - 2013

#Handmade - Balcony fun

Am sitting on the balcony, knitting and enjoying the nice morning. It's around 30C, going on 45 later today.
Have the Laptop outside for the first time, not very comfy ;-)
But the coffee is good and so is Life ;-)
Enjoy it, it's short enough already!

Sitze draussen auf Balkonien, stricke und geniesse den Morgen. Es sind rund 30 Grad, es werden wohl an die 40C im Laufe des Tages.
Hab den Schleppi zum ersten Mal draussen, nicht sehr bequem ;-)
Der Kaffee ist jedoch gut und ebenso das Leben ;-)
Geniess es, es ist schon kurz genug!

From Handmade

Und letzte Woche :)

From 365 - 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

#Kuwait - Relax

From Kuwait

Sundays are my favorite days. Hubby's off work and most other folks are at work ;-)
Weather got a bit better. Yesterday evening it was humid with some dust mixed in. This morning it was nice, but the dust is creeping in again.
Have a great Sunday you all :-)

Photo from the archives #Kuwait 2011 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

#365 / Kuwait - Hazy dust

From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013

#365 / Kuwait - Dust Party - Day one, 5.30am

Dust Party - Day one, 5.30am

Hazy dust, dangerous. You go out, thinking its humidity or dust and breathe it. Am sitting on the balcony anyway. But not for much longer, not smart.
The forecast had it until Thursday, but they took Tu & Wed out (they don't mention it for today any more either though, so go figure), temps are up to 45C / 113F, but here at the coast it's less - only about 40C.
Happy weekend everyone ;-)!

From 365 - 2013
From 365 - 2013