Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Week 4, Day 1 - Gotcha!

From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

 (The happy grin on my face doesn't exactly fit, but I couldn't help it ;))

Help needed for a fellow photographer!

As some of you might know by now, my Dad had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
It started during a time when this illness was not widely known yet and the medicine and possibilities of today were not around.
One thing he always loved was staying mobile and being able to get out.
He had various electric wheel chairs that helped him do so.
They were covered (after a lot of work from my Mom's side to get the paperwork through every time a new one was needed) by State insurance.
That is Germany.
He was lucky in that regard.
Now, some of you might have realized that I am trying to help a fellow Photographer here on G+ since a few days.
He has MS since 2003 and since 1 year he has problems walking.
There is a tool that can help him walk again and will allow him to work in his Photography business.
I know many of you are weary of scams and think that there are too many folks that need help.
All I am asking you today is go and check out +Charles Crawford 's page:
+Bioness Project: Helping Photog to shoot again 
See for yourself, if you want to help spread the word for him, maybe have a good advice for him on how to get together the $6500 he needs to be able to walk again.
Maybe, if everyone would donate $1 to his Fundraiser Site?
Please, at least consider it.
It can hit every one of us. Any time. 

From Blast from the Past

#365 - 82 / New addition to the family - Nikkor 28mm

G+ Mentorship program, Week 3 Summary

I can't believe week 3 is already over.
Albeit a short week, it was a good and productive one.
I finally managed some 'staged' inside photos, had a bunch of fun playing at the beach and in my neighbourhood.
Now, trying to summarize why I chose the three photos for this week's summary:

From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz

From the technical aspect, this one is not perfectly the way I wanted it to be. I was going for a sharp focus on the tip, running up the edge.
I still like the unnerving outcome. Feeling like me (the camera holder) is going to be in big trouble.
I think it shows (or should show) perspective in two ways. The angle (and supposed leading line along the edge) and the perspective of the emotional (thanks Ron, for giving me the right words here ;))
This one got into the collection because it disturbs also the viewers perspective. An arrow should lead the way, not the other way around.
The leading lines go the opposite direction of the viewer, but his eyes are drawn back by the arrow.
What lacks here maybe is a story.
Not sure.
When I took this, I was trying to get the man in the background to play along in the photo. But later decided it doesn't work.
Do you see a story?

From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz

And number three is an attempt at leading lines. The story showing you the decay and the forgotten with the new and shiny on the horizon.
Kai posted a very good comment on the original photo in my weekly album:
I really find this one intriguing. Like a street that's been lost / forgotten - life has passed it by, new developments already on the horizon. Will they finish that new building or leave it half done and start another... 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#365 - 079 / No, they are not dead

No dogs got harmed
Well, JoJo got sand dusted and they felt harmed later in the shower, but that's a different story. King was digging out the reflection of my lens, of course he could have dug through to China, not finding it, but that's also a different story ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Workshop, Week 3, day 4

One of those days where the photos in my mind turned out a bit different than the real ones.
The angles didn't work quite the way I wanted or the sky got blown out.
Some I didn't show, 'perspective' wasn't achieved.
Or there was no story at all.
Not sure if these work, but that you can decide for yourselves =)

From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

#365 - 078 / Lots of people, lots of trash

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Workshop, Week 3, day 3

A bit late with my first Mentorship post for week 3?
Yes, indeed it is.
Ron's been sick though and most of us had to deal with some issues this week, so cutting everyone a little slack wasn't really bad.
Wishing Ron a speedy recovery though!
Here's the assignment for this week, Ron can in explain it so much better than I ever could ;)

It's about putting things into perspective. Well, that's gonna be an interesting one.
I desperately need to find some new places to shoot and some new ideas.
Doodling down some of them right now.

Meanwhile here's one of my favorites from way back in Korea (2005)

From The kids

It's still very dusty outside, but maybe I'll doodle with some inside ones =)

Cool thing, Tripod and Remote work =)It was fun finally playing with the Remote again =)
Hubby had to bend my Horse shoe, I must have bent one side of it somewhere on the travels. Ugh.

From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

I think I might have found my first 2 shares for the 3 shots on perspective.
But I'm not going 'public' on those one yet =)
Just saving the links.

#365 - 077 / Is she doing it again? Yep, she is!

Friday, March 16, 2012

365-2012-03-075 - That explains a lot!

'Our resistance to our creativity is a form of self-destruction. We throw up road-blocks on our own path. Why do we do this? In order to maintain a illusion of control. Depression, like anger and anxiety, sluggishness, confusion'
from Julia Cameron
Edit: I only have the book, not doing the online workshop here)

I was feeling great, with a great wave of creativity and motivation.
And this week it started to creep in. The anger for no reason, sluggishness, excuses.
I am finished with the book now and will start it for real this time.
I decided after the first 3 chapters to 'just read' it and then work it through for real.
It goes along well with the Mentorship program.
In fact, Ron is going along very similar lines in some of his statements =)

#Germany, Niederzissen, von Burg Ohlbrueck

Another Oldie from Germany 2007
from top of the castle tower of 'Burg Ohlbrueck' near Niederzissen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Workshop, Summary of week 2

Can't believe the week is already over.

Overall I had a lot of fun playing and a hard time choosing the final 3 images.
I kind of like my wide ocean shots, but I think these might fit the theme better than most.
(You can go back to the album to check for yourself, if you care to =))
I'm a bit tired tonight, so my judgement might be clouded.

It was very interesting to try to find a story in a photo, shoot it accordingly and also implement the lesson from last week.
Playing with focus is always fun, I just wish for a faster long lens ;)
I hope the shots are fairly self-explanatory. I'm just not able to form lengthy explanations tonight.

From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz
From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz
From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz