Tuesday, October 31, 2006

#365 - Let's walk

Little Max decided to take a walk with us today.
His owner wasn't too pleased after he woke up, but what should I have done? Wake him up for that ;)?

Max is supposed to be the watchdog at the lake when he's grown up. So he shouldn't have contact to anybody, only his owners.
But give me a break,. Then you need to put him in a cage from baby days on, no? ;)

He had fun :)

(Why is it so hard to take a decent shot from a little puppy? Do they really have to start moving every time you point that camera in their direction? ;)

#365 - Hungary, hm,...?

Something's wrong - very

Friday, October 27, 2006

#365 - Proud

Yepp, I am.
I caught my first Pike (Hecht) yesterday.
Only a baby, but nonetheless my first "real" fish caught with a Lurer from Salmo :)

Only had time to download pics from the last few days and upload this one and we are heading out the door again in a few minutes ;)
Have a great weekend - we will enjoy some good fish later again and hopefully some sunshine. But it looks a bit cloudy and cold...oh well :)

We were trying these new Lurers from Salmo and were lucky quite a few times. Floyd caught three Pike off them and I caught my first one.
Pretty cool :)!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

#Hungary - Rinyaszentkirály

Quick catch over my shoulder

Caught this one last night while fishing. It's the lake on the other side of "our lake".
Right now you have bunches of Carp jumping there. I try to catch a shot of them today, it's amazing!
We are on the run again. In a few minutes we get ready to go over there and fish a bit ourselves and watch Andreas do some flyfishing :)
It's a holiday over here today, so there will be quite a few people, I guess.
I wish you all a great week, have fun!

#365 - Hungary

Too bad... ;)
We would have needed that 6.8 Kilo Beauty yesterday.
Floyd caught it with a baitfish. Somehow the bigger ones like these better then the lurers it seems. Maybe fish DO learn over the years ;)
I fished all afternoon too (with lurers) and had my first hit from a pike, but I lost it. Oh well :)
Now I'm dead tired and will go to bed soon!
Take care out there and see you whenever .... sigh.....!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

#Hungary - Rinyaszentkirály

Beautiful start

We have been on the Balzer fishing tournament Saturday. It was a great experience.
This time they fished from the shore instead of boats.
The areas were sepreated in two sides of the lake. First part was two hours on one side
and then two hours on the other.
No huge fish got caught, neither by us nor by any other.
The biggest was 3 Kilo. But our friend Patrick (a 13 year old local boy)
did win the first price and Floyd got the price for the best "Auslaender" (foreigner ;).
It was a pretty cool day with lots of great people.

Early morning

Goofing with long exposure. It was early morning and not many people there yet. Just the organizers and a few other people. I like the ghostly effects :)

Cooking starts early in Hungary...

....it was a different sort of goulash and it was delicious. It cooked for at least 4 hours. He started at 6.30 a.m. and we ate at around 1.30 p.m.

Humming "Early morning yesterday...."


Waiting too

Short speech from the Boss

Getting the number and the spot


I'm walking......

Getting ready, if they ever get the idea how ;)
At the starting line, get in line (like in school - counting the numbers - not so easy for grown up men... ;), and get to the spots where they want to fish.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

#365 - Hungary

Wish us luck today! So that Floyd catches a lot of big pikes and I catch a lot of good pictures :)! Have a great weekend - see you soon.....or so ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006