Thursday, October 30, 2014

#Gardening - Testing my options

The really good thing about the place we rented: It has a sun room.
So, lacking a green house or hot bed, I'll see if I can get stuff to grow in here. 

Some of the store bought plants are already   doing well, flowers as well as herbs. 

Today I planted quite a few heritage seeds from 'The Seed guy'
- Sweet Spanish Onions x 4
(green Onions would have been better, but I Don't have any)
-Bloomsdale Spinach x 4
- Scarlet Nantes Carrot x 3
- Red Cored Chanteney Carrot x 3
- Ruby red swiss chard x 2
- Morris heading Collards x 3
- Snowball Cauliflower x 4
- Arugula x 4
- Siberian Kale x 2
- Bok Choy Cabbage x 3

Those are planted in an egg carton, egg shells on bottom for nutrition, watered and seeds set with a giant tooth pick thingy, protected with an old water bottle
for what will hopefully give me some hit house effect.

Heritage seeds Planted in clay pots:
- Italian giant parsley x 10
- Parris Island Romaine lettuce x 10
- Leisure Coriander x 5

The clay pots are by the way sponsored by 'Canadian gardens'!
They took petty on me and gave me a bunch of Clay and plastic pots they didn't need to more,
when I went shopping there a short while back - Thanks guys!

Watered and covered with recycled plastic bags. 

Also planted:
2 x store bought organic garlic
6 x store bought lemon seeds

And also one of my store bought (non-organic) garlics has started sprouting last week

Thursday, October 16, 2014

#365 - Natural Texas Honey

YumYum, got me some natural Texas honey!
Wish I had known about their soap and candles before :-)

Thanks, Savannah & Daniel! Keep up the good work!

Monday, October 13, 2014

#365 - Leaving Germany

Two from my flight, phone pics only, but better than nothing ;-)

I was surprised when we passed near my home town and I saw the 'Laacher See' :-)

And this one should be somewhere near Cologne or Duesseldorf.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

#365 - Settling in

Bought a poor neglected outside chair the other day at the thrift shop.
Just a little help and it's almost new :-)

Finally found some herbs and did a little 'starter' garden.
Some heritage seeds are on their way for a real garden :-)

I put a potato in there, see if it will give me a starter potato

And after a days work, time for some knitting and a beer on my new chair, waiting for someone to do the BBQ :-)

Enjoying the sunset

While the dogs would prefer to play ;-)