Monday, June 9, 2014

#Handmade - Two Doilys

Not everybody's piece of pie, I kinda like them :)

Flower Doily by Coats Design Team
(free pattern)

From Handmade

And Liz Snella's Heirloom Doily by Vintage
(free pattern)
Just edited the border a bit :-)

From Handmade

#Kuwait - Arab Fund Building #2

Arab Fund Building / Arab Organizations Headquarters Building

A little bit more of the entrance door.
I will get past that point sooner or later ;-)

From Kuwait 2013 / 14
Some more details from the massive wooden doors (which I failed to take a photo of).
The pieces are set in in a way, so they can expand and shrink with heat & cold.

From Kuwait 2013 / 14

Too be continued....

Sunday, June 8, 2014

#Kuwait - Arab Fund Building #1

What I've been doing yesterday,

I got invited to a tour of the Arab Fund Building (Arab Organizations Headquarters Building).
I'm not easily impressed, but boy, I certainly was this time!

Don't have the brain capacity to do more editing today, so, here's just the not-so-impressive (from the optics) exterior.
Why are the windows indented? To save energy and keep the dust out.
Why can they not do that all over Kuwait?
Nobody knows. Sigh.

From Kuwait 2013 / 14

Detail from the door frame you see above.
It is hand carved and goes not only around, but is also a solid wall left and right of the door.

From Kuwait 2013 / 14

To be continued....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

#Handmade - Iced Jacket

From Handmade
Using the yarn from my frogged oversized Cardigan (read - I made it about 10” too big ;-))
Frogging while knitting since it takes forever :-)
Started this morning and it knits fast so far.
This is my first try for a Raglan and also my first for a Top-down Cardi.
One day later and I’m 3/4 finished with the body.
I love fast knits :-)
OK, finished - next time I will pick up ALL stitches along the border, not 3 out of 4 as the pattern suggests. It looks ok, when worn correctly, I just wanted to show that it IS a tad short…..
I would also decrease at least two more stitches for the arms to make them a tad tighter at the bottom.
Anyway, I love the pattern and the fit!
Make sure you go by the pattern suggestion and choose the bigger size!
And keep measuring while you knit.
From Handmade