Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sheep wool hat / Schafswollmuetze

Knitting pattern purl 2, knit 2 and increase.
Made it too small though and had to unravel :/

Green wool: Handdyed sheep wool

Muster schlicht 2re, 2li und zunehmen
Hab's aber zu klein gemacht und musste aufziehen :/

Gruene Wolle: Handgefaerbte Schafwolle

From Handmade

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pattern, Book cover

From Selfmade

'Pithy' pattern idea - you will have to adjust the pattern to the size of your book and yarn you are using

- you start with one row of chain (stitches?), it should wrap 1cm around the top and bottom of the book cover

- 2 or 3 rows of single crochet (this will be at the inside of your book to 'hold' the cover in place - so make it as long as you need to), 1 row of slip stitch (that should be where the inside 'turns' to the outer side), 2 or 3 rows of single crochet

- double treble crochet to the end of the cover page (again, length depends on your book size)

- for the 'back' of the book you do again 2 or 3 rows of single crochet, one row of slip stitch for the break (if you wish, you don't really need to) and 2-3 more rows of single crochet

now you are at the back cover page

- double treble crochet to the end of the page (leave room for 2-3 rows of single crochet)

- 2-3 rows of single crochet, one row of slip stitch, now for the inside of the book 2-3 rows (or more if needed) of single crochet

- Now all the way around one row of single crochet and one row of slip stitch to make the crochet pattern a bit more even (in the photo I only have one row of slip stitch)
(the 'around' row is meant as some sort of a border to even out the uneven crochet bobbles that you will have.
Like, when you crochet a square, two sides will have uneven edges. Just crochet along those edges and you have a nicer 'border')

- sow the corners together

- crochet a row of slip stitches (like a loop), sow it to the back of the book cover and sow a button to the front

Please test in between, if you have the correct length and width!

German version

Crochet hat / Haekelmuetze

Found the pattern in a magazine and liked it.
Had to test it & gifted the result to my Best friend :-)

Hab die Anleitung in einer Zeitung gefunden und mochte sie auf Anhieb.
Musste ich Testhaekeln und an meine beste Freundin verschenken ;-)
Kleine Nikolausueberraschung.

From Handmade