Thursday, December 1, 2016

#The Pack - Happy threesome

Ganging up against Mama Chipi ;)

#Hungary - Dinner

We planned to do a camping weekend and a little party at "our" fishing lake. I made pasta salad and some other stuff, they were going to do some good food, called Pacal here in Hungary and menudo in mexico. It is some sort of gulash, made of cow stomach. Doesn't sound very great, but cooked right, it's awesome :)!

Some spices

#The pack - Hungary

Saturday, April 9, 2016

#Handmade - Hook case

I finally made my a hook case :-)
Just for my favorite hooks and notions so they are not scattered on my bedside table and I spend less time searching ;-)
Can you believe some of those Boyds cost as little as 29 cents?!

#Handmade - Face scrub pad

Finished pad after 36st of hdc, it's big enough at ~2"
Total pad size ~3"

I'm not good at math, but did 2 patches now and come to 18 st in round 3, not 24.
It might be me, not having enough coffee though ;-)

I just increased in my next / last row in almost every stitch and came to 36 and called it a day.

Works as well :-)

I also switched to a chain 2, instead of ch1 at the beginning of each round.

I didn't break the yarn after finishing the second patch.
Instead I put together the two patches on the wrong side, chain 1 and slip st together the two adjoining inner loops of each last stitch (see photo).

Leave enough of an opening for two fingers & finish off :-)