Monday, February 27, 2012

#365 - 057 / Trapped

Trapped in my head

Do you know that feeling?

You want to do things, run, jump, walk, create things,... and you just can't.
That Hamster wheel in your head keeps spinning and you try to get out?

I took a few steps over the past week, out of my comfort zone.
It's getting too tight up there ;)

And if you are trapped, one word of advice:
Do whatever it is that your Hamster wheel keeps throwing around in your head.
Start something new.
Enjoy Life.
Get out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

#365 - 055 / Prisoner or refugee?

Many wild animals are sold under the hand or on the Friday market.
Attempts to control the illegal trade and laws against it are in place.

It still happens and people buy these animals.
Not realizing, what they get themselves into.

People here have Lions, Tigers and Alligators as pets.
Many birds, monkeys, you name it.

One day they are grown up and not only not cute any more,
but in many cases highly dangerous.

Some are lucky enough to end up in one of the two local Shelters, which is equipped to deal with some of the refugees.

My plea to the people in Kuwait is:
Please stop buying wild animals. They are not pets!
Stop buying dogs which you will dump come summer!

To the Expats:
Please refrain from buying them out of pity.
This will only encourage the sellers to 'produce' more animals.

If you want to help, please go to K's path's website (
Check their Site carefully and see what options would suit you.
I ensure you, it is a wonderful place with people who care immensely for the animals.
They have many of these rescued monkeys, two Steppe Eagles, one Shikra, many many rescued dogs and cats,...
Donations and Volunteers are sorely needed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#365 - 052 / Happy 10 year anniversary my Love

#Kuwait - A piece of my peace

A piece of my peace for you

Just spent two hours at the beach.
Dogs roaming, me looking for birds and Seaglass.
Enjoying the quiet and the loneliness, the cool wind and sunshine.

The shot didn't quite turn out how I thought it would. The sun is much brighter than expected.
Oh well.
Hope you still like it and can enjoy a bit of peace looking at it :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#365 - 051 / I am easily amused

Bruised Artist Egos

Most of us had them at least at one point in history.
Even when you don't call yourself an Artist (I usually don't).

Those moments when someone leaves a not so nice comment on your Photo, the time when you don't sell scrap for weeks, the moment when one of your pieces gets declined somewhere.

Those are the moments we want to go hide, roll up our tents and camp in the desert for a while, nurture our hurt, blame the mean people out there.

Don't waste you energy on those things. 

Turn the table and use that energy for new venues, new creations. Or simply go out and play for a while, be happy, enjoy Life.

I know, it's not easy. Just try :)

#Egypt - Coloured Canyon

Coloured Canyon, South Sinai, Egypt 2010

'Sometimes you can't find your way,
the walls are too high,
the path too narrow.
Keep walking,
believe in yourself.
Your path will find you'


This is one of my archive albums I haven't done anything with.
Not sure why.
It seems that every time I start, I get sidetracked, my path cloudy and unclear.
There are quite a few albums in my archive that are sadly neglected.
Lots of work yet to be brought to light.

How about you?
Do you post everything immediately?
Clean your folders and (for the ones with online shops) post your work right away?

Monday, February 20, 2012

#365 - 049 / Recycled

Beads (including those diamond looking ones :)) found at the beach the other day.
Recycled into a bracelet yesterday, wrapped with copper wire.

You can find all kinds of cool things at the beaches here. One person's trash is the other one's treasure.

#365 - 050 / Love - Hate

Hard to believe it is already 50 days into the 'New' Year.
Dangit, where does time go?

I often have this Love / Hate feeling for places, people, my photography.
For a long time since being a Teenager I didn't do anything with my hands.
I often wanted to, collected small things to do something with them.
Never did.
Only with photography that love to create is coming back.
The learning process is now, to not scare that playful little artist child inside me back to the black caves it came from.
I have to learn to be harsh and mean to myself.
Not everything is great work, not all days are good days.
That's it.

How do you treat your inner child? When did you reconnect to it, or did you never scare it away?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creeping dust I hate thee

Creeping dust I hate thee

We got it. The dreaded dust I saw in a photo from Dubai on Friday.
I was afraid it would get here.
Well, it's here. Not a storm, just a blanket of dust hanging in the air - for now.
It's still nasty with it's silence.
Many will not cover their faces and get sick.
You go out and the air around you is clear, it fools you.
After a few meters you feel a fine film of 'something' covering you, after a few more meters you feel it in your nose and throat, even if covered.
Dogs don't like it, I don't like it.
Go away!

An old shot from 2007, but so the same, taken with my old cam - still good for occasions like this, sigh.... ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#365 - 048 / Liberation day preparations

Next week is Kuwait Liberation day.
Celebrations are pretty much all months long, with kids dressing up, flags and all.
Whoever wants to go into the city on the actual Liberation day needs to prepare to be stuck in a motorcade for hours with their cars ending up full of foam and other 'decorations' ;)
I'll try to catch some more photos next week, it's fun to watch.
But no, thanks, I won't go into town. At all. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fearless ;-)

From The kids


Fear is a theme in a book I am working with since a while.
(The Artist's way for the ones interested)
It spoke once again the truth yesterday.
I called myself lazy for not doing much or progressing with my photography for the past 2 years.
The book nailed it on the head by saying 'It's not laziness. With those words / names you just punish / hurt yourself. It is fear that stops you'.
Whatever that fear may stand for.
Fear of success, of setbacks, of critique, a dry spell of sales,....

Seaglass fun

From Selfmade

From Selfmade

From Selfmade

From Selfmade

From Selfmade

From Selfmade

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#365 - 045 / Who the heck is Valentine?!

I wonder how many folks stop and wonder about this.
Where did this day come from that so many people think is a 'MUST show 
my Love to someone by buying something for them' day?
How about turning this day into showing some Love to the folks you meet today. 
Strangers, Homeless, the person you are holding a grudge against since ages?
Just gift them with a smile. Warm their hearts by recognizing that they are there.
  For the ones interested, here's what wiki says about St. Valentine's and Valentine's day:'s_Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

#365 - 044 / Freedom of Speech

Day 44 of the #365project

Many of us took this for granted over the past few decades.
Freedom of Speech is threatened in the West.
It can get you into prison in the East.
And in the Middle East it can bring you sometimes the death sentence
if you speak your mind.

Enjoy it as long as you have it.
Are you willing to fight for it when they take it away from you?

What wiki has to say about it:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#365 - 043 / Think outside your box

It's time to get out of that box that's wrapped around my brain.
Time for new ideas.
And time for a new tripod?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

#365 - 040 / Streets of...

A new project I started today.

I can't take much credit for these photos.
The camera is set on auto mode,
hanging from my hip and the finger is on the Trigger.

The photos you see are the results from my strolls.

Taking photos of people around here can backfire,
especially when you are a woman.
But I do want to show you some people.
So, this is my solution :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#365 - 39 / Breathe

It's a bit gloomy and windy in Kuwait . A chill is in the air and the wind is fresh and one can breathe.
I love it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

365 - 037 / Chocolate

This is the little chocolate Lab girl we found at the beach this morning.
She is so trusting and loving and full of energy.
 After some fruitless tries to find her owner, she got - after some struggle as to how -
picked up by a Shelter worker and brought to the Shelter.
There she will get medical treatment for whatever is necessary and they will also check
if she is chipped and try to locate the owner if it's the case.
 I hope she will find a good home (either with her original owners or new ones) - she deserves it!

From 365 - 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Promise to Self

From Korea

Being in foreign countries sometimes makes you feel like a tree growing between brick walls.

You see things that are plain wrong, go against the laws of most countries and against religious beliefs most people follow 'in public' but not in private.

You point some out and try to help, via photos, via words.

You learn that it's pointless.

I today made a promise to myself.

I will stay out of this mess.

No more fruitless discussions and no more clean-ups of beaches on my part.
Not official ones anyway.

Nothing can stop me from giving Mother Nature some loving back and clean beaches nearby (even though that is pointless too, but it's for me and not to promote someone else's greatness).
I will not be a statistic number for an organization any more that never sends any of their own employees or even speaks out through the venues they have available at hand to promote the clean-ups.

I am done. With stupidity and people telling me to get the fuck out of their country, if I don't like what I see.

Now, let's breathe and get cheerful again ;-)
Back to photos, nature and my own little paradise :-P

#365 - 035 / It's the small things that count

From 365 - 2012

Time doesn't matter 
It matters not what you did in the past 
nor what you will do in the future 
What matters is the NOW

Lost heart

They took my heart away 
lost it in the wide oceans 
it stranded somewhere 
in the middle of nowhere 
only a shadow was left of it's former Beauty.

From Kuwait

#365 - 034 / You are so incredibly BORING!

From 365 - 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#365 - 032 / Raining hard

From 365 - 2012

It was raining hard. I have not seen rain for such a long period of time in my entire time here.
We also had our fair share of lightning and thunder.
Internet and Satellite connections went bonkers.