Saturday, January 12, 2013

#365 2013 #001 Fish tales

Where we tried to find the fishies
From 365 - 2013
Well, well.
There's 2013 and I have almost missed it ;-)
Hubby was here for 2 weeks, brought him to the airport this morning.
I will most likely follow in 4 weeks.
Kuwait, what else ;-)
At least for a little while (uhm,...)

Ice, ice , Baby
From 365 - 2013
Today was the first time in weeks that I picked up the camera.
Idiot me didn't even take it while hubby was here.

Just reflecting
From 365 - 2013
The weather sucked for photos (then AND today).

Silly pooch
From 365 - 2013
More silly pooch
From 365 - 2013
Anyway, I wanted to capture the places where we spent some fun time these last two weeks.
Playing with the silly dogs and huge sticks, watching for fish that weren't there, teasing the ducks (not with King usually).

Watching the ducks, King using my moment of distraction for an (by me) unwanted swim
From 365 - 2013

So, I am doing a 365 project again, I almost made it through last year (even though I haven't posted the ones I took for a long time).
I am not restricting myself to one pic this time, I'll just post what I want :-)

I also got on board of the Advanced Mentorship for photographers program by the awesome  and my mind is still blown away by having this great opportunity again!
Glad he accepted me and that even though I hadn't checked my mail for a week. Me bad ;-)
I am looking forward to work with the camera again. And of course to work with Ron and the Gang :-)

A wee bit sad,..., but heck another 4 weeks won't kill me,...
From 365 - 2013

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