Thursday, January 2, 2014

#365 - Fresh milk and more

I was such a happy camper today (and still am).
Found fresh milk, without  preservatives at Sultan Center in Fahaheel.
Not ridiculously overpriced either.

Tasted the Laban (similar to buttermilk). It's good!
Almarai is a bit fuller from the taste, but I do like this one.

From 365 - 2014

I also went material (and magazine) shopping.
Had to check if the stores in Fahaheel have different things than my shop here in Mangaf.
They are all fairly similar, but sometimes you Luck out.

From Handmade

I'm taking part in a sewing challenge for 2014.

This one will become a skirt for the January challenge. I'm still missing the pattern for it though ;-)

From Handmade

And this one will be a dress, not sure yet for which month, since there are two coming up :-)
Pattern still missing as well.

I have some ideas though :-)

From Handmade

Also met bunches of friendly people, most of them highly, but pleasantly surprised that I use my own bags and not plastic bags. ;-)

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