Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#Handmade - Coachella Top

Free pattern on Ravelry

Looks much better on me than on No-Boob Emma ;-)
From Handmade
CO 202st with 2.5mm needles….what a pain….!
I hope I don’t have a twist,…
Didn’t have a twist, but managed to get one in after the arms when joining everything.
I caught it in the third row, never knit stuff like this when tired.
I left it though and just knit straight over.
There’s a little bump, but I can live with that ;-)
That’s just me :P
From Handmade
I did up the number of st to 220, I hope it all works out. Trying it on with the cable needles is for some reason a pain itb this time.
At the next shaping part I reduced the st to 210.
And following the pattern from there.
I should have added another Inch, going on 23” instead 22” before knitting the last 6 rows.
The strap in the back could have been a bit longer too.
That’s what you get when you don’t do a gauge and just go ‘pi thumb’ ;-)
Funny, this yarn knits much more even in stockinette when knitting through the back loop.
From Handmade
Looks much better in real Life than here :) Odd angle, sigh!
From Handmade

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