Thursday, June 5, 2014

#Handmade - Iced Jacket

From Handmade
Using the yarn from my frogged oversized Cardigan (read - I made it about 10” too big ;-))
Frogging while knitting since it takes forever :-)
Started this morning and it knits fast so far.
This is my first try for a Raglan and also my first for a Top-down Cardi.
One day later and I’m 3/4 finished with the body.
I love fast knits :-)
OK, finished - next time I will pick up ALL stitches along the border, not 3 out of 4 as the pattern suggests. It looks ok, when worn correctly, I just wanted to show that it IS a tad short…..
I would also decrease at least two more stitches for the arms to make them a tad tighter at the bottom.
Anyway, I love the pattern and the fit!
Make sure you go by the pattern suggestion and choose the bigger size!
And keep measuring while you knit.
From Handmade

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