Sunday, April 24, 2011

365/86 – Puppy Love

Someone thought they felt puppy Love. Not us. Don’t get me wrong. We love puppys, but we already have two pooches.

Nope. Someone gave this beautiful fur ball to one of the guards downstairs. And he came up to our door and gave it to us. “Or he would have to dump it”, he said. Don’t get him wrong now. These guys work 12 hours and live in cramped quarters. He said an Arabic Lady came to him and pushed the leash in his hand, saying “she doesn’t want the puppy no more”.

Right. Now what? I called the shelters and they told me they can pick him up ‘maybe tomorrow and maybe they have room’ (they are all pretty much filled to the limit). Understood.

Plan B. I went to Stephen, our laundry and pet rescue master. He made a few phone calls and we found a loving family, an elderly Filipino couple withour kids that were on the search for a puppy (update 1 month later – he’s doing fine and is still much loved).

So, this lovely, brave pooch found a good home. Trust me, I would have kept this one, funny, cuddly, brave.

I actually wanted to post about pancakes I made this morning, but this guy just stole the show (even though the photo doesn’t give him enough credit – and no, we didn’t try to save on dog food, but all he wanted was a few morsels and it took us forever to get him to lick a few drops of water).

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