Sunday, May 8, 2011

365/100 – people

I have long pondered if I shall post this photo or not.

I was walking the dogs, camera in hand as usual, when I saw this elderly man roaming around the trash, digging out a piece of bread and start eating it.

As most times, he was aware of me taking a photo it seems (not in this photo, but another) and I felt bad about it. Not because I took the photo, but because I rather wanted to help him. Somehow.

I took the photos not out of ‘sensationalism’. No. That scene struck a nerve of something I was wondering about since a while. All these foreign workers that are here since decades, that left their families, whose families which they supported are probably either dead or also scattered over foreign countries, all those elderly people, not able to do hard Labor no more and many of them here illegally…. what becomes of them?

One of the women I talk to from time to time is supporting her sister and family and daughter with her Baby at home. She keeps nothing for herself. I asked her what she will do when she’s old. She doesn’t know.

Culture says that their children will take care of them. But their society is changing the way the Western society has changed. In a few years, I doubt there will be many kids doing what their parents did. Send all their money back to their families. The generations coming now will want more for themselves.

I wonder how many people like this man are roaming the streets in this country.

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