Monday, April 15, 2013

#Kuwait - More camel market

Can I eat dat?!
From Kuwait 2013

These were the photos for my Photography assignment for the 'Advanced Mentorship program for Photographers'on G+. The assignment this week contained two parts. One for 5 Intentional photos and one for 5 spontaneous ones. These were my Intentional ones, since we had it planned to go here, me for taking photos.
Mission 5 Plus Post - Intentional
One stop on my list of Places to go & things to shoot was the camel market. Ever since my friend Linda mentioned it. Yesterday she took us there.
The morning started out rainy and cloudy. Not as bad as it sounds. Turned out, the closer we got out and into the desert, the dustier it got. Add a bright sky and the results of attempted shooting will be solala. For some mysterious reason though, they didn't turn out as grainy as expected. Maybe the harsh sun helped there (the spontaneous shots, taken early morning Thursday with no dust turned out grainy, but it was hazy and no sun in sight). One day I'll figure it out.
The photos are not as clean and uncluttered as I would have wished and I would have liked to try different angles and such. BUT, the longer you stick around there, the more flies men gather around you, try to chat you up or just watch you.
Can't blame them and they kept their distance, but it makes for some uncomfy shooting. By the time I had the first 3 shots in my bag, there were about 10 men gathered around the area. We switched locations and ran into chatter mouth from Sudan (the guy in the last photo). I sure don't want to know what he tried to offer me, besides a camel ride ;-)
Overall, given the conditions, I am fairly happy with the results. I wish I could have done things different, or take the time to use a tripod et all, but sometimes you have to go with what you can get.
That is one lesson I learned during our travels. Get what you can when you can. You never know when and if you will get the chance again.
Tender Love
From Kuwait 2013

From Kuwait 2013

We are family....
From Kuwait 2013

The man and the camel

This guy from Sudan was chitchatting with me in Arabic the moment he came around the corner. I think this might have been the only second he kept his mouth shut ;-)
He offered me a camel ride and many other things, I blissfully didn't understand.
I can't imagine the Life these guys live here. The temperatures are still moderate right now, but I can't even fathom 50C out here.
A few seem to have trailers, but most don't.
And all that for 30 or 40KD per month, most of that being sent home to their families.
Still a better Life than starving at home for most.
From Kuwait 2013

Say that again
From Kuwait 2013

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