Monday, May 27, 2013

Danger alert

so after  a friend mentioned flickr yesterday, this morning I saw it trending on G+.
Since I am a curious cat, I went to check it out.
They are offering 1TB of free space for new and existing users.


I went to check it out.
Of course it took me forever to remember password and username,
but what really struck me as odd is, that you now can sign into your yahoo account 
(you need one to get a flickr account, haha) with your Google account.

From Kuwait

That's right.
Am I seeing things?
I think, it's already bad enough that FB gets auto access to your Google contacts, but why not handing everything over to the whole world?
Wonder how many folks just sign up to connect it all AND use their main email addy.

Anyhow, I DO like the idea of having 1TB over there.
Maybe I will actually post the occasional photo again :-)
Yeah, more sidetracking and procrastination, that's what I really need!

And I got a good laugh by email later that morning:
Thanks yahoo!

Hi Nicole,

We detected a login attempt with valid password to your Yahoo! account (nicolebphotos) from an unrecognized device on Tue, May 21, 2013 8:34 AM AST (Arabian). 

Location: Kuwait

Muah :-)

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