Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Handmade - Fitted Tank Top

From Handmade
First off: I love the yarn and the feel of it.
I love the Tank Top too.
It just doesn’t fit me.
I’ll just have to make another one in the biggest option available and longer, since the Acrylic yarn doesn’t hang itself out ( Not sure what the correct term in English is).
I will def. give this a second try and hopefully can give this Top a new home with one of my (skinnier) friends :-)
I find the pattern description a bit confusing at some parts, but that is probably just me.
I personally also don’t like the decrease at the armpits. I tried various decrease methods to avoid the little ‘triangles’ sticking out.
Checking out the finished projects, I am starting to think, that ribbed patterns are maybe not going well for people with bigger Boobs.
Dangit, I love this Top!

Free Pattern by Shiri Mor: Fitted Tank Top

From Handmade

From Handmade

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