Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern, Baby socks

The first part of two pairs of Baby socks for a friends' wife, expecting Twins some time in August.
My first time knitting with Bamboo, loved it!

From Handmade
From Handmade

Pithy directions

36st cast on 
18rows ribbing (2p/2r) 
3rows stockinette 
1row purl 
1row 1yok2
1row purl 
2rows stockinette
Now start Boomerang heel (JoJo heel) or your favorite heel (if you do so, ignore the next instruction and go on with the 'front part' instructions after finishing the heel)
After the first part of the heel is done, when you work the two rounds, knit the first row in Lace stitch pattern (1yoK2tog), 2nd row in stockinette.

Front part: 1 row Lace pattern (1yoK2tog fit them in between the spaces of your first row with the pattern), 2rows stockinette, 1 row Lace, 2 rows stockinette,... 

For example: in the first Lace row, while knitting the heel) you went: K2 yok2tog k2 yok2tog (8stitches) K2 yok2tog k2 yok2tog (16 stitches altogether)
the second row you start: K1 yok2tog k2 yok2tog ,.... so they are placed in between the first yarn overs and a pattern appears.
Don't fret if it doesn't fit perfectly or if you maybe once have to add a stitch so the pattern fits. You won't see that in the end.

Altogether approx. 18rows

Your decrease starts at row 13, one stitch in every row 

Twist a cord and fit it through your first row of yok2togs, 
sow in the seams


German version

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