Saturday, June 29, 2013

#Handmade, First Pillow Case

From Handmade

After figuring out in which direction the machine sows, it's working nicely.
With some Hickups of course.
I am working on a short dress and had most of it sowed by hand already. The last seams were done by machine and I tried to make a button hole. Managed to sow the fabric to the machine ;-)
And I took the machine apart halfway for the second button hole I tried. Managed to forget to put the foot down and tangled the thread around the Bobbin so the needle wouldn't move one single bit. Oh well.
Live and learn.

Did this pillow case from a tiny blanky that was wrapped around a pillow. Now it is a 'real' pillow case.
Took me less than an hour, WITH sowing in the loose ends
Once I figure out the button hole mystery, it will get some buttons as well :-)

From Handmade

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