Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#Handmade - Lilacs for a friend

From Handmade

A written pattern is in the making - Eine schriftliche Anleitung (keine charts) ist in Arbeit

From Handmade

Stitch patterns from 4 books, put together by me.
My first very own shawl ‘design’.
Loved knitting it and love that the receiver likes it :)
Started with a few st cast on (8 I think?).
I should have maybe knit/purled 2 rows before starting the pattern.
Started with a Diamond pattern (from E. Zimmermann’s ’Knitter’s Almanac’). Went free hand here, after the Pi shawl, I had it memorized ;-)
Always add a yo at the beginning (after the first st) & end of row (before the last st) and two in the middle (with 1st in between), so it gets it’s triangle shape.
After every pattern I added a row of k1, yo, k1,.. to make the shawl wider instead of all triangular.
(You could also leave out the YO at the sides and in the middle and make it half round)
The second pattern is what seems to be commonly known as ‘Peacock pattern’.
Mine is from the book ’A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace’ (I think they use a different name, have to check again).
Nr 3 was (I think) the pattern ‘Spitzenmuster (I)’ from the German version of 1500 patterns
Nr 4 is ‘Blattstreifen’ from the book ’Schoene Handarbeiten

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