Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#Handmade - Merewether Top Test Knit

From Handmade

The pattern can be found here

Love it!

One Tip:

Don’t miss the Info about the waist shaping!
As soon as you start the POD pattern you have to work also with the waist shaping!
After finishing, I crocheted around the edges of the armholes and neckline to get a more even feel to it.

I’ve made a big mistake due to not reading the pattern. I almost reached the bust when I realized that the waist pattern already starts after the ribbing.
I countered the mistake by decreasing 2 Pods (over 1 Pod pattern repeat) after 4 Pod pattern repeats counting after the ribbing.
Knitted 2 Pod pattern repeats, then increased the two again to get the correct bust measurements (again over 1 Pod repeat).
2 more repeats for the bust.
That makes it 9 Pod pattern repeats until the armholes.
3 more after you separate the pieces.
Crochet around the edges of the armholes and the bust /arms to get it nice and even.

  • Read the whole pattern before you start!
  • When you do the increases in the pattern make sure the little bump is on the wrong side of your knitting.

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