Monday, February 20, 2012

#365 - 050 / Love - Hate

Hard to believe it is already 50 days into the 'New' Year.
Dangit, where does time go?

I often have this Love / Hate feeling for places, people, my photography.
For a long time since being a Teenager I didn't do anything with my hands.
I often wanted to, collected small things to do something with them.
Never did.
Only with photography that love to create is coming back.
The learning process is now, to not scare that playful little artist child inside me back to the black caves it came from.
I have to learn to be harsh and mean to myself.
Not everything is great work, not all days are good days.
That's it.

How do you treat your inner child? When did you reconnect to it, or did you never scare it away?

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