Saturday, February 25, 2012

#365 - 055 / Prisoner or refugee?

Many wild animals are sold under the hand or on the Friday market.
Attempts to control the illegal trade and laws against it are in place.

It still happens and people buy these animals.
Not realizing, what they get themselves into.

People here have Lions, Tigers and Alligators as pets.
Many birds, monkeys, you name it.

One day they are grown up and not only not cute any more,
but in many cases highly dangerous.

Some are lucky enough to end up in one of the two local Shelters, which is equipped to deal with some of the refugees.

My plea to the people in Kuwait is:
Please stop buying wild animals. They are not pets!
Stop buying dogs which you will dump come summer!

To the Expats:
Please refrain from buying them out of pity.
This will only encourage the sellers to 'produce' more animals.

If you want to help, please go to K's path's website (
Check their Site carefully and see what options would suit you.
I ensure you, it is a wonderful place with people who care immensely for the animals.
They have many of these rescued monkeys, two Steppe Eagles, one Shikra, many many rescued dogs and cats,...
Donations and Volunteers are sorely needed.

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