Saturday, February 4, 2012

Promise to Self

From Korea

Being in foreign countries sometimes makes you feel like a tree growing between brick walls.

You see things that are plain wrong, go against the laws of most countries and against religious beliefs most people follow 'in public' but not in private.

You point some out and try to help, via photos, via words.

You learn that it's pointless.

I today made a promise to myself.

I will stay out of this mess.

No more fruitless discussions and no more clean-ups of beaches on my part.
Not official ones anyway.

Nothing can stop me from giving Mother Nature some loving back and clean beaches nearby (even though that is pointless too, but it's for me and not to promote someone else's greatness).
I will not be a statistic number for an organization any more that never sends any of their own employees or even speaks out through the venues they have available at hand to promote the clean-ups.

I am done. With stupidity and people telling me to get the fuck out of their country, if I don't like what I see.

Now, let's breathe and get cheerful again ;-)
Back to photos, nature and my own little paradise :-P

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