Saturday, November 23, 2013

#Handmade - Craft Meet

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon again with my fellow Crafters.
We went to a cafe in Quarain and had two new Ladies to welcome aboard :-)

From 365 - 2013

The day was spent mostly chatting (on my part) and that is perfectly fine.
Don't get to do that much ;-)

From 365 - 2013

Hope we can meet again next week, before everyone disappears into their respective holiday directions.

We also learned yesterday - thanks to Jamie - that there’s a ‘new’ yarn shop in town.
‘Needles & Yarn’

We went by to see if we can find the place, it’s in Hawali, opposite Al-Othman center, near a Juice shop. Sadly (thank goodness... :-) ) it was a Friday, the only day they are closed.

From 365 - 2013

Here’s a link to their location on google maps and here is their Facebook page,
Instagram (Instagram seems to be the place where they post most updates) and their website.

Here’s also a link to an Interview with the owner on jessyz’s Blog.

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