Sunday, April 20, 2014

#Handmade - Wannabe Aran Sweater

From Handmade

From Handmade

Original idea by EZ's Aran Sweater,
Cables from Mon Tricot, 1500 patterns.

Project Notes:

Finished with short sleeves.
Had to crochet twice around the neck line, still a bit wide, made a mistake while casting off - not thinking it through, sigh :-)
One crochet border along the bottom. The cotton is quite loose.
Note to Self: Three needle bind-off = on right side (meaning turn thing to wrong side and knit together, sigh)
Finally picked up this piece again.
Of course I made a mistake with my border cables.
Not knitting back, since that would cause more trouble with the big cable than it’s worth. It might still be early enough to ‘fix’ it. We shall see.
Made a mistake with those cables anyway, since the pattern says to switch the two rows, I didn’t.
But I actually like my version better anyway :-)
Need to take some new photos.
It’s coming along nicely, minus some gaps between right and left stitches. But not everywhere. Not sure what’s going on. I leave it as is, since it almost looks like a pattern and I’ll most likely wear something underneath anyway.
Have switched to a 3.75mm in row 24 (can’t find a free 3.5mm - and in the end for the Cotton that’s the better option)
At row 26/27 I’ll start skein Nr. 3 - I have 7 left.
I am debating with myself, but I think the CotLin yarn will be enough after all. Measuring up to the neck it will be approx. another 4-5 skeins. Even with 5 that leaves me two for the arms. Since I wanted to do short sleeves anyway, that would work.
I think I’ll risk it.
Started with the pattern. Had to wrap my brain around the ‘how to work a flat pattern in the round’, aka do I need to knit an extra round or what. Answer: yes
The cables are all easy though, so it’s just an extra knit round as replacement for the ‘wrong side row’.
Phew! :-)
Finished with the ribbing and deciding on the pattern.
Decisions, decisions,… :-)
The green yarn it is and it most likely will be a sweater with cables at the far sides front, colourwork in the ‘middle’, will save me the decrease since I’ll switch to 3.5mm needles for that (the light green yarn is a wee bit thinner).
I still have to figure out how I’ll do the back and how that will work with the colourwork. Hm…
Am thinking of a ‘leaf border’ at the neck.
Lots of ideas, we shall see.
I am switching the name to ‘Wannabe Aran Sweater’, since the definition of an Aran is a bit different from what I am planning to do. Big cables or patterns just don’t work too well on my bust, I’m afraid ;-)
Or the green yarn after all….?
Found a mix that might work.
Am switching to the Ice yarns Yak / Merino mix.
Much thinner, but much more yarn ;-)
Will take some fiddling to find the right stitch number, but at least I’ll have enough yarn ;-)
Not sure about the yarn. Need to double check and maybe switch to a different one. It will defo not be a Sweater, but a T-Shirt, but that would be ok.

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