Monday, March 31, 2014

#365 - Day 1 of a few days of Detox

Prepping my body for a few days of juice detox (why juicing? check here :) Need a plan to go by, voila)

Breakfast: (Out of habit, sigh - from tomorrow on a no-go) 1.5 cup black coffee, 1 large Smoothie cup (1 Banana, 1 apple, 1 Kiwi and a few Oats - those will be left out from tomorrow on) - added some water to get it blended

In between: Lemon juice water (here's some Info on that - you need to scroll a bit), an Avocado (also not from tomorrow on), water - lots of it

From 365 - 2014

Lunch: Cucumber juice (was planning on tomato juice but my cucumbers got a frozen behind from being stuffed to close to the fridge wall, sigh)
Later in the afternoon Tomato juice (4 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 3 pieces of Ginger. Note to self, 2 pieces are sufficient, uff!)

From 365 - 2014

Evening: Hibiscus tea

Got more veggies and fruits this morning, one big haul from last week is already almost gone.

From 365 - 2014

I know, loads of plastic :-(
I will check out the open market on my next haul and see how the prices are there
and use my reusable bags there. At least it all went into reusable bags and not another load of 
plastic bags which they love to drown you with.
The cost of this haul was around $35 that is minus the Bee pollen and the Hibiscus.

And this 15-minute morning yoga practice will be my routine for the week :-)

6pm over here now, I have some cravings for bread or could have inhaled the rice, but otherwise I am fine.
I didn't take a nap, instead walked the dogs a bit more and did the 15min Yoga Video.
Overall not much, but more than I have been doing.
I could go right to bed now though :D
But I have some more knitting to do :-)

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