Monday, April 28, 2014

#365 - Yoga

A certain someone 'dragged' me into some sport stores at Al Kout today 
and lo and behold there was something smiling at me. 
A really nice, sturdy mat, non-stinking too with a good grip, ideal for yoga. 
Could I resists? 
No, of course not. 
The price was decent enough too.

Now I tried to find it online, since it's a brand name and amazon has only one 
to offer for double the price. 
Something cheaper in Kuwait than on amazon?!

Update: I found it for the normal price: - I must be half asleep 

Well, here's my precious new Babe
Not really much Info on it...

Did the first slow test with a 15min easy Yoga and so far only minimal sliding, we'll see how it goes tomorrow 

Update: Even with the 1hr Yoga and lots of sweating, only minimal sliding. I like! :D

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