Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cozy jacket / Kuscheljacke

This jacket I finished also the day before getting to Kuwait. 
My Mom called me nuts for bringing such a warm jacket. 
I can keep telling her that winters & springs are quite fresh and the AC in summer kicks butt, but that argument is pointless ;-) 
I carried it on the plane, so it wouldn’t take up too much room in my suitcase :-D

Yes, the arms are too long. But better than too short, next time I know how it works ;-)!


Ja, die Arme sind zu lang. Ich weiss,….
Macht aber nix. Besser als zu kurz und beim naechsten Mal weiss ich, wie’s geht ;-)! 

From Handmade
From Handmade
From Handmade


  1. Great job, love the color. Sorry to disagree with your mom, long sleeves help with keeping hands: great on airplanes worn backwards, warm with or without mittens and they can always be rolled up. Another plus, if happens to get warm, ties around the waist.
    Tell us about your adventures, yarns for spinning or already to buy, show us the sweaters (or anything knitted or woven)their wearing for some inspiration.