Monday, October 21, 2013

#365 - Halawa

Njumnjum, haven't had Halawa in so long, almost forgot it existed.
It's the fault of some friends on FB though.
Caije shared a photo of homemade Humus and while begging for the recipe (by Mathew) the talk came to Halawa.
From 365 - 2013

While in my Bakala, checking for Tahini paste, I saw Halawa, ..., and bought both - yummy!

Now, back into the kitchen, boiling Ginger for some Ginger 'tea', fighting off all the germs and soothing the cough that was flaring up again after the dang dust.
Also cooking chicken for dog food. I'll see how long it lasts with rice and how the prices are compared to dog food in a bag. So far they always had dried food, but the big boy gets more and more problems with it, digestive wise. Prices should almost be the same, and I bet chicken with rice is a wee bit healthier...maybe.

Then off to make the Humus and ...... well, I'll be busy ;-)

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