Friday, October 18, 2013

#Handmade - Hat

From Handmade

Started with a 5mm needle, should have switched to 4mm sooner.
CO 64st, yarn about Bulky (2 x DK - maybe)
Should have done a few rows more (need to count rows).
This was supposed to be for hubby, we’ll see tonight, if it fits (maybe if he doesn’t fold the brim,….).
From Handmade

If it doesn’t, it’s mine and I need to make another one for him ;-P
The decreases in the pattern sound weird, but if you go with the flow of the pattern and either k2tog or p2tog according to what pops up, it works nicely.
And for me at the first decrease round I had two st left, I just went from there with my next round of counting.
Just don’t overthink it ;-)

Free pattern on Ravelry

From Handmade

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