Friday, March 23, 2012

G+ Mentorship program, Week 3 Summary

I can't believe week 3 is already over.
Albeit a short week, it was a good and productive one.
I finally managed some 'staged' inside photos, had a bunch of fun playing at the beach and in my neighbourhood.
Now, trying to summarize why I chose the three photos for this week's summary:

From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz

From the technical aspect, this one is not perfectly the way I wanted it to be. I was going for a sharp focus on the tip, running up the edge.
I still like the unnerving outcome. Feeling like me (the camera holder) is going to be in big trouble.
I think it shows (or should show) perspective in two ways. The angle (and supposed leading line along the edge) and the perspective of the emotional (thanks Ron, for giving me the right words here ;))
This one got into the collection because it disturbs also the viewers perspective. An arrow should lead the way, not the other way around.
The leading lines go the opposite direction of the viewer, but his eyes are drawn back by the arrow.
What lacks here maybe is a story.
Not sure.
When I took this, I was trying to get the man in the background to play along in the photo. But later decided it doesn't work.
Do you see a story?

From G+ Mentorship Program +Nicole Burgoz

And number three is an attempt at leading lines. The story showing you the decay and the forgotten with the new and shiny on the horizon.
Kai posted a very good comment on the original photo in my weekly album:
I really find this one intriguing. Like a street that's been lost / forgotten - life has passed it by, new developments already on the horizon. Will they finish that new building or leave it half done and start another... 

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  1. Everyone is showing such great understanding of the concepts and really demonstrating a good grasp of the concepts