Friday, March 23, 2012

Help needed for a fellow photographer!

As some of you might know by now, my Dad had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
It started during a time when this illness was not widely known yet and the medicine and possibilities of today were not around.
One thing he always loved was staying mobile and being able to get out.
He had various electric wheel chairs that helped him do so.
They were covered (after a lot of work from my Mom's side to get the paperwork through every time a new one was needed) by State insurance.
That is Germany.
He was lucky in that regard.
Now, some of you might have realized that I am trying to help a fellow Photographer here on G+ since a few days.
He has MS since 2003 and since 1 year he has problems walking.
There is a tool that can help him walk again and will allow him to work in his Photography business.
I know many of you are weary of scams and think that there are too many folks that need help.
All I am asking you today is go and check out +Charles Crawford 's page:
+Bioness Project: Helping Photog to shoot again 
See for yourself, if you want to help spread the word for him, maybe have a good advice for him on how to get together the $6500 he needs to be able to walk again.
Maybe, if everyone would donate $1 to his Fundraiser Site?
Please, at least consider it.
It can hit every one of us. Any time. 

From Blast from the Past

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