Thursday, March 8, 2012

Workshop, Summary of week 1

Here's my chosen 5 for Week 1

Week 1 day 2
I like looking and photographing at small things.
I liked shooting this one from different angles and breathe in the ocean air while 'working'.
The weather was hazy and gloomy, so at home I edited it to give the photo that feel too.
Not cropped.
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

Week 1, day 3
That day I purposely went out to go to a certain spot. On my way there my inner voice was showing me various things and at first I didn't listen. I've ignored that voice since a while and it was hiding in some dark caves since months.
I stopped and listened and did what it said.
Played with this one for a while from various angles and this shot I liked Best due to the angles and lines.
None or minimal cropping (I don't recall)
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

Week 1, day 4
This day was spent in Dubai, just a few hours walking around in the neighbourhood of the airport.
I spent my time shooting with the project in mind.
From this mosque I took many photos from very different angles.
This one is my favorite for the lines and lighting.
Minimal cropping at the bottom and right side to align the lines a wee bit more.
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

Week 1, day 4
Another one from Dubai. I just loved the green grass and the shadow play of the tree branches.
Cropped a tiny bit at the top to get rid of a disturbing line.
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

Week 1, day 4
And one more from the mosque in Dubai.
I just liked how my eyes are drawn in here to the guy at the end. Unfortunate that the folded scaffolding is in the way, but it's still one of my favorites with the play of light and lines.
Little cropping left and right (adjustment wouldn't have been possible by changing angles with the lens used and without tripod and remote)
From Mentorship Workshop weekly collection

Just a reminder as to why I chose this photo as a reference point to where I think I was at the beginning of the program:

Streets of Cairo
Why did I choose this photo?
In retrospect, after 3 days into the program, I think I chose this photo from early 2010 as my reference point, because that's when I sort of stopped playing around much.
I focused on other things, to sidetrack myself from the path open for me. Photography got to serious, it scared me. The possibility of becoming actually successful scared me into doing nothing (put up new work in my shops, etc.) I still took the photos but most never got 'published'.
From Portfolio

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  1. Awesome collection!!! I especially love the shadow trees, and the macro nail, and the...oh hell, I LOVE THEM ALL!